Dice For Brains Podcast

The Dice For Brains Podcast is an actual play show telling serialized stories through the course of a season with a focus on character and story development. The show is produced by an inclusive group that brings new players to the world of tabletop role playing games. Experience organic narratives by following along with new and veteran players as they explore your favorite story worlds, all with the assistance of tabletop rpgs. Season 1-3: The Kido Rebellion Trilogy (Star Wars rpg). Season 4-6: Worlds and Orders Trilogy (Star Wars rpg). Season 7: Fantastic Beasts of the North American Swampland (Genesys - Wizarding World).


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 45m. Bisher sind 124 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 4 days 1 hour 6 minutes


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episode 13: SWRPG | Xen’s Lightsaber

In the 6 months between seasons, the crew of the newly christened Spicy Kido have put their crystals to use. Something fishy occurs with Xen’s lightsaber creation.


 2016-02-29  15m

episode 12: SWRPG | Spaceport City Blitz

Bher, Gree, and Xen storm the spaceport in hopes of a successful rescue mission. They are not the only ones to get more than they bargained for.


 2016-02-22  1h2m

episode 11: SWRPG | Breakfast at Tenga’s

The gang tries to settle pre-battle tensions with one last meal. The perilous spaceport rescue mission gets off to a rocky start all the same.


 2016-02-15  48m

episode 10: SWRPG | Mirages

With course of action settled and secrets unlocked Bher, Gree, and Xen will need to tap into every faculty for the battle ahead.


 2016-02-08  47m

episode 9: SWRPG | Blaster Barrel Diplomacy

The Imperial occupation on Bavva begins to boil over.  Can Bher, Gree, and Xen build a successful strike force from warring crime lords?


 2016-02-01  42m

episode 8: SWRPG | The Criminal Element

Bad news from Port City gives the gang new direction. Wanting to make a stand and actually doing so are very different things...


 2016-01-25  45m

episode 7: SWRPG | Caves Calling

Fleeing through the mines of Bavva, the gang encounters oddities other than the local wildlife. What trials await them on their way to escape?


 2016-01-18  48m

episode 6: SWRPG | Unknown Below

The situation is growing dire. Bher, Gree and Xen must deal with Imperial fallout and uncover secrets that link our heroes together.


 2016-01-11  41m

episode 5: SWRPG | Crimes and Favors

Gree, Xen, and Bher flee the Imperial FOB. Will they need more than one favor from a crime lord to keep out of Imperial clutches?


 2016-01-04  47m

episode 4: SWRPG | Fragile Acquisitions

The gang executes a haphazard break-in. Will 5 triumphs and a heaping dose of blaster fire make for a successful mission?


 2015-12-28  45m