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A (mostly) weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about…kindof.


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episode 22: 22: r/askreddit, BOGO Anime Kitanas, and Dr. Seuss was kind of a douche apparently

r/askreddit is Reddit's #1 subreddit, with almost 14mil subscribers. It's an amazing introduction to the mentality of redditers, as well as a great resource for both insightful answers to insightful questions. Or a good place to laugh at gyno jokes and really specific and misguided sex tips for teenagers. This week, u/myfreeday, u/dogboobes, and u/itsyerdad barely touch the tip of the iceberg, then quickly drift into another conversation about swords and conspiracies. what's new i guess...


 2016-09-09  1h29m

episode 21: 21: r/apocalympics2016. AKA What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

In 2013 the world collectively asked "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" for eight whole episodes of riveting TV drama/comedy/fantasy. Well in 2016, we finally got the answer we were looking for - he would fake an armed robbery so that he wouldn't have to tell his mom about a late night bender, therefore throwing the whole world into a fit of collective shaming...


 2016-08-30  1h19m

episode 20: 20: r/MarinaJoyce, public jerkin', and bad pod etiquette

What's up with Marina Joyce? Was she really held captive by a stranger in black? Is her YouTube agent milking her fashion vlogger bones for all they have to offer? Was she just getting lit on bath salts all along? Or is she just a weird cosplay kid with questionable mental stability? This week, u/itsyerdad, u/myfreeday, and u/dogboobes continue where they left off at the end of r/dicksoutforharambe and speculate on what actually happened to Marina Joyce...


 2016-08-22  1h7m

episode 19: 19: r/buttcoin, butt2buttnetworks, and how the heck does bitcoin work guys?

No matter how much someone tries to describe bitcoin, it doesn't make sense. How do you generate money via cryptocurrency, via ethernet cables, via mining farms? Nope. But Buttcoin? That's something we can get behind. A simple butt 2 butt network, where buttfarms connected by a bunch of ethernet cables or something generate butts that you can then use to buy a bunch of Internet things like dongles, linuxes, and black tar heroin...


 2016-08-12  1h16m

episode 18: 18: r/dicksoutforharambe. Seriously guys, dicks out.

This is a special one guys. We're officially at peak meme with #dicksoutforharambe, if not 1-3 days past peak meme. Either way, we're catching this one in the wild, and digging into our newest favorite Internet moment, slash least favorite life moment, Harambe. r/dicksoutforharambe and now r/harambe is dedicated to resters in peacers for the world's favorite gorilla who went too soon, Cincinnati's finest, Harambe, and all the weirdness that ensues when the Internet catches fire...


 2016-08-02  1h7m

episode 17: 17: r/PersonalFinance, and u/dogboobes gets a new back.

Hey Nerds, we're back. Speaking of backs, u/dogboobes got a new one, but she's still in recovery, which is why the whole pod sounds like it is being recorded from inside an abandoned Russian oil tanker (because she lives in an abandoned Russian oil tanker). Whatever. We're back, and backer than ever, to talk about r/personalfinance. "Hey DYR, that sounds boring." Well it's not you mouthbreathers. R/PersonalFinance is weirdly dark and anecdotal, so we decided to talk about it for a long time...


 2016-07-26  1h17m

episode 16: 16: r/polandball, Google Hangouts, and u/itsyerdad is bad at buttons

This week, we're bringing you a user submission from u/backforward24, and a good one at that. While u/dogboobes nurses her slipped disks, and u/myfreeday nurses a rosé in Tuscany, we discuss the world's most confusing international ongoing inside joke, all over Google Hangouts. Also, U/itsyerdad is a terrible internet audio engineer, we try to talk www.trueswords.com into sponsoring us, and we make about a thousand references to things you can't see on our pod (go to www.didyoureddit.com)...


 2016-06-15  56m

episode 15: 15: r/Pointlessstories, caramel people, morning pods, and RIP Morley Safer

This week, u/itsyerdad, u/dogboobes, and u/myfreeday discuss r/pointlessstories at 7:00am. Before the gang came to u/itsyerdad's garage studio (that's not sponsored by stamps dot com), he realized that he didn't have any creamer for their coffee, so he looked in his fridge frantically and found Hershey's caramel, so he decided to put caramel in their coffee instead of cream. So the coffee was ok after all. Last of all, Resters in Peacers Morley Safer - the king of non pointless stories...


 2016-05-20  1h14m

episode 14: 14: r/Ledootgeneration, the pretzel pillow, and capital punishment for some unknown reason

We know you've been thinking "what is this magical, wonderful sound at the core of the DYR theme song? It sounds like an angel's mating cry, or maybe the trumpets of zion." Well, you're kind of right - It's Le Doot, the world's spookiest meme. r/LeDootGeneration is a subreddit dedicated to thanking Mr Skeltal, the skull trumpet that started it all. If you don't updoot the Pretzel Pillow on Kickstarter in .000696969 seconds, you'll never have good calciums on airplanes again. Thank You Mr...


 2016-05-12  1h19m

episode 13: 13: r/Conspiracy pt. 1, but mostly just Elisa Lam

At some point on almost every episode, we get into conspiracies on accident at least once. So, we thought it was time that we finally went face deep into r/conspiracy, for what is certaintly part 1 of 100 on the most (least) accepting, free-thinking (weirdly-limiting), and open-minded (or maybe a little crackpot) subreddit in the Redditsphere. However, apart from a quick detour to talk about AIDS, again, we basically spent the entire pod discussing Elisa Lam, and ghosts n'stuff...


 2016-05-02  1h31m