Did You Reddit?

A (mostly) weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about…kindof.


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episode 132: r/upliftingnews, Trials & Figulations with u/dogboobes, and a deep conversation about lunch ladies appreciation

After a brutal topic last week, the DYR gang goes to the Internet's feel-good palette cleanser, r/upliftingnews. Plus, u/itsyerdads birthday, Trials & Figulations, and lunch ladies.


 2019-12-10  1h28m

episode 131: r/moraldilemmas #2 (trigger warner), swol yoda, and Tesla's PS1 truck.

In this episode, we revisit (on accident), one of our favorite cocktail conversation subreddits, r/moraldilemmas, and focus specifically on one particualrly complicated delimma. Plus, a deconstruction of memetic history, Smol Yoda, and Trials & Figulations. This episode brought to you by McDonalds.


 2019-12-04  1h37m

episode 130: r/hailcorporate, u/myfreeday's D.A.R.E. era cigarette scare tactics, and Quantum Leap but of a guy who gets blackout drunk first

0:00 to 5:23 - Intro where u/myfreeday teaches us about cigarettes.  5:24 to 38:45 - Front Page Review and a conversation about Quantum Leap, but with blacked out little people on elementary school buses.  38:36 to 59:29 - r/hailcorporate 59:30 to 1:16:10 - The Bolivian Government Overthrow for Tesla's Lithium 1:16:11 to end - Randoms, and skincare chat.


 2019-11-16  1h21m

episode 129: r/boomertears, DYR almost endorses a candidate, and Hank Freeday enters the chat called life

0:00 to 3:42 - Introductory White Supremacist Wood Dealer Talk  3:43 to 26:30 - Front Page Review 26:31 to 57:00 - OK BOOMER 57:01 - u/dogboobes rides off into the sunset. 1:17:00 to END - u/itsyerdad and u/myfreeday solve the trash crisis


 2019-11-11  1h27m

episode 128: r/tellmeafact, stonk market speculation, and with evolutionary deletion of little smokies on birds

0:00 to 6:04 - Introductory Stonk Talk 6:05 to 43:00 - Front Page Review 43:00 to 1:14:44 - r/tellmeafact 1:14:45 to 1:19:23 - An lively discussion about bird lil' smokies 1:19:24 to END - Randoms


 2019-10-28  1h24m

episode 127: r/imaginarymaps, u/dogboobes gets Karen Red hair dyed, and the age of fine china is over

0:00 to 7:59 - INTRO 8:00 to 40:00 - Front Page Review 40:01 to 1:14:00 - r/imaginarymaps 1:14:01 to 1:20:00 - Subreddit Roulette


 2019-10-22  1h20m

episode 126: Front Page Review: Hong Kong, Hotties for Trump, and Laird's Nutritional Gravy

This week we wanted to talk about r/HongKong, but got so sidetracked with the front page, that we didn't even mention the sub. Typical DYR behavior.


 2019-10-14  1h13m

episode 125: r/trumpcriticizestrump, Winnie The Pooh Jinping, and u/dogboobes is a PC Elitist Now

Our president's Tweets are a relativist's dream come true, and r/trumpcriticizestrump is the Internet's greatest resource for cataloging these 140 character global...policy...decisions. 


 2019-10-08  1h16m

episode 124: r/squaredcircle with Uncle B, u/itsyerdad's obsession with the The Fiend, and AEW's rise

The Fiend, The Fiend, The Fiend, and AEW (but mostly the fiend). Uncle B and the DYR Gang, live from Ranch Dressing Studio 54.


 2019-09-23  2h13m

episode 123: r/entitledpeople, u/dogboobes has famous rapper energy, and DYR rewrites the pledge of allegiance for September 11th

r/entitledpeople - a sub dedicated to celebrating the takedown of Karens worldwide. Plus, Tekashi69 by Ken Burns, Meathead Mondays at Arizona State, and Orange County bros who wear American flag boardshorts.


 2019-09-13  1h25m