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Join Marc as he digs into the brand and marketing secrets of everyone from brash startup founders to sophisticated corporate marketers. An easy, conversational podcast with tips and hints guaranteed in every episode!


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episode 71: Getting your brand story right... finally!

Brand storytelling is both powerful and perplexing. We all acknowledge that a good story 'sticks' better than any list of brand features or benefits... but we also know that crafting a memorable story is damn hard. What's worse, there are no easy step-by...



episode 72: Is your brand like a puppy, about to be run over by a steamroller?

I created this public service announcement to help entrepreneurs, founders and CEO's who feel sad and depressed about their brand.  If that sounds like you, join us at BrandDIYFacebookGroup.com today.  And get on the road to brand recovery. 


 2020-06-26  1m

episode 70: How to build a values based brand that lets you sleep at night

I've known Len Laycock for years. His stunning home furnishings design / retail brand Upholstery Arts was a beacon on the Vancouver scene - not least of which for its impeccable sustainability cred.  Fast forward a few years, and Len is launching another...


 2020-06-16  38m

episode 69: Fashion, COVID, and unleashing entrepreneurial creativity

Sarah Darcey aspired to build a fashion styling brand. But with a great job, her aspiration never left the back burner.  COVID-19 changed all that.  For months, Sarah was confined to her apartment. The more time she spent staring at the wall and reflecti...


 2020-06-12  25m

episode 68: Delivering brand disruption, one order at a time

As COVID and the economic meltdown grind on, we're seeing yawning market chasms emerge that are ripe for brand disruption.  One of the most glaring is the massive gap between 'big' retail and, well, all other merchants.  The poster child for big retail i...


 2020-05-26  44m

episode 67: Doing a successful pandemic brand pivot

How do you do a successful pandemic brand pivot? COVID has spawned a cottage industry of advice on  shifting the tactics of your brand - amping up the education and free value to your followers, reaching out more often, focusing on empathy over persuasio...


 2020-04-30  35m

episode 66: In disruptive times, you need outsider marketing

Outsider marketing means getting an 'outside the jar' perspective on your company's positioning, messaging and selling. Here's why it's more important than ever. The economy is melting down. Everywhere you look, companies are ducking for cover, going und...


 2020-04-03  36m

episode 65: From idea to innovation to business success: the story frustrated entrepreneurs need to hear

Chris Meade, his brother, and his best friend were just sitting around watching ESPN when an idea for a cool game hit them.  Today, that game is on the shelves at Amazon, Wal-Mart and Home Depot, to name a few.  It's called Crossnet, and it comes with a ...


 2020-03-13  31m

episode 64: Build a better brand with customer discovery

As an entrepreneur, I know how easy it is to be swept up by a new idea, ignoring lukewarm or contradictory feedback from potential customers. 'They don't get it' or 'They don't know what they want', we blithely say while charging forward. Truth is, consu...


 2020-03-06  27m

episode 63: Draft - Kevin Indig

Content still to come


 2020-02-07  31m