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episode 15: 15 - Creating a Team Culture

I sit down to chat with the coaching staff for UW-Green Bay:  Abbey Sutherland (Head Coach), Korey Schroeder (Assistant Coach), and Delaney McCreary (Assistant Coach) to talk about how to build a team culture, what UW-GB has done to shape their program and athletes, and transferring this to the youth level...


 January 20, 2021  51m

episode 14: 14 - From Player to Coach - w Marouane Jafir

This week BJ LeRoy is my guest cohost and we chat with Marouane Jafir.  Marouane is an experienced volleyball player with his roots starting in his home country of Morocco!  He has a bunch of cool stuff on his resume like Player of the Year, Player Honors, etc etc.  Basically he's awesome.  He's currently the Club Director of Delaware United Volleyball Club and if you look at his Facebook profile, it looks like his favorite thing to do is fish...


 November 27, 2020  46m

episode 13: 13 - Punishments

David Cordes, the Director Ridgecrest Starlings Volleyball Club, joins me and BJ to talk about punishments.  David is the perfect guy to talk to about this because he's an everyday coach just like us!  He despises the use of punishments in the gym and talks to us about all the ways coaches try to justify it.  Be prepared for a lot of moaning and groaning from me.

Coaches - we are better this.


 November 20, 2020  47m

12 - Coaching Efficiently w Alexis Lebedew

This episode, I'm joined by Alexis Lebedew!  He's a jack of trades, sharing his insight across volleyball, gymnastics, and coaches in general!  Alexis has coached with the Australian national team (and even made an appearance in the Sydney Olympics), NCAA collegiate programs, and is currently working with coaches in the gymnastics field in Singapore!

We have a question......


 November 11, 2020  37m

episode 11: 11 - Injuries (part two)

My other physical therapist joins the show to talk about ankle, knees and hip injuries in volleyball!  Dr. Chad Kuntz is located in Pineville, NC and is the owner of Pr1me Movement!

Pr1me Movement: https://pr1memovement.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pr1memovement
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCZr2ZhTbc_gy194qqhtB5A


 October 18, 2020  38m

episode 10: 10 - Cauldrons & Competing

Brian Swingle, Pat Madia, and BJ LeRoy join me in chatting about Competitive Cauldrons, how to use them, and the usual rambling of volley-nerds.


 October 11, 2020  39m

episode 9: 09 - Returning Safely

COVID-19 has completely turned the volleyball world upside down, for good and bad. This week, Pat and I are talking to Tim Doyle and Alex Brodjeski.  Tim is the the current Head Volleyball Coach at William & Mary going into his 3rd season.  Alex Brodjeski is the Athletics Performance Coach at William & Mary and comes from a club volleyball background with Northern Lights.  They recently worked on a research project called Engineering Winning Volleyball...


 June 14, 2020  1h5m

episode 8: 08 - Coaching Youth Volleyball

Pat Madia turns the tables and asks ME about coaching younger players.  Over the years, I've turned my focus from high schoolers to the youngins and haven't turned back!  I'll talk about all the things that make me successful, enjoy this age group, and of course - the usual Sara and Pat banter.

Coaches Manifesto from USA Volleyball


 May 30, 2020  54m

episode 7: 07 - Injuries (part 1)

So important, I'm splitting this up!  We chat with one of my many many physical therapists, Dr Alicia Allie with Sol Physical Therapy!  We talk about hurt shoulders, jammed fingers, sore backs, and overuse injuries.

Thrower's Ten exercises provided by University of Florida
John Kessel article about ACL injury prevention


 May 23, 2020  37m

episode 6: 06 - Be a Better Learner

OMG.  This is one of my favorite episodes I've ever recorded.  Brian and I get to sit down and chat with the GREAT Trevor Ragan!   Trevor is the mastermind behind The Learner Lab and Train Ugly.  He has AMAZING content on growth mindset, motor learning, and so much more.

We talk about ways to change our coaching habits to make our players better learners...


 May 16, 2020  1h3m
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