Diner Talks With James

Remember the last time you and few close friends stayed up too late at the Diner because no one wanted to leave? You didn’t need that grilled cheese with a side of pancakes but damn if it didn’t hit the spot! You laughed until you cried or cried until you laughed. Regardless of which lead to what, you left feeling a little more thoughtful, grateful, and actually full. Those are the best conversations we have in our lives, and the reason why Diner Talks with James exists. I’ll be your bearded bespectacled host, James Robilotta. I’m an author and professional speaker who talks to willing and unwilling audiences on the role that authenticity and vulnerability must play in life and business. I am a life coach with a Masters in counseling and 16+ years of improv comedy experience. Most importantly, I am a fellow human being with a fervent curiosity for others’ passions, relationships, insecurities, ambitions, patterns, and food quirks. So, come join me in The Diner. Slide into the booth, place your order, and tell me a story.


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episode 69: Goats, Diabetes, and Stoicism with Consultant, Coach and Cook, Becky Schmooke

Today I was joined in the diner booth by leadership consultant and owner of Becky’s Mindful Kitchen, Becky Schmooke. Becky, her wonderful sarcasm, and I dove in discussing popcorn in bed and Minnesota diners. We then talked about what she wanted to be when she grew up and how she got to meet both Michelle Kwan and Jill Biden (but didn’t realize it was her). From figure skating to playing the cello to running cross country, Becky has had no shortage of interests...



episode 68: The Stories of A Radiant Haitian Queen with Storyteller and Activist Ferene Paris Meyer

Today I was joined by storyteller and activist, Ferene Paris Meyer. This episode was humorous and heartfelt as Ferene shared about her experience growing up in a family of Haitian immigrants and how that shaped her current world. She spoke about her awakening and coming alive as a proud Haitian woman and how she dove into her culture through food, language, and experiences in Haiti...



episode 67: Being Between Dreams with Actress, Director and Reiki Practitioner, Leslie Meisel

My dear friend, Leslie Meisel, joins me this week in the diner. She is an actor who has appeared on Broad City, RISE, Difficult People, and a director. Recently she has also become a practicing reiki master! We talked about whether you should order steak at a diner and a fun quirk about her related to Grease 2. I loved hearing about how Leslie’s acting dreams started and the mental ups and downs of trying to pursue it...


 2021-12-23  1h13m

episode 66: Marketing and the Hustler’s Mindset with speaker and master marketer, Odell Bizzell II

My man Odell Bizzell II slid into the diner booth with me this week. He and I have known each other for a number of years from the speaker circuit and I have always respected his hustle. We talked about how he and I travel differently and why he typically spends all of his time on the road in the hotel. He told me some of the powerful lessons he father taught him growing up black in Guilford County, North Carolina...


 2021-12-16  1h8m

episode 65: Turning You Mess into your Message with abuse survivor and victim advocate, Desi Garcia

This week in the diner I had a thoughtful and vulnerable conversation with Survivor and CEO of Candle In A Dark Room, Desi Garcia. Desi shared her gripping and heart-wrenching story of surviving childhood physical and sexual violence. She told the story of how she turned her “mess into her message” and how she felt called to help other survivors and families of survivors to cope and restore their power...


 2021-12-09  1h10m

episode 64: The Juxtaposition of Forgiveness and Discipline with high energy powerhouse entertainer, Ernee Peppers

You can skip today’s cup of coffee because today’s guest – Ernee Peppers – has enough energy for all of us. Ernie has an electric and contagious personality and will inspire you to drop your baggage and step into your badassery. Todays episode centered around the power of forgiveness and the gift that is for yourself. Ernee shared about some trauma she faced in childhood and how freeing it was to forgive the person who caused that trauma and how that opened up her life...


 2021-12-02  1h4m

episode 63: What Continuing to Believe in Yourself Looks Life with speaker and entrepreneur Jake Kelfer

Today we’re kickin’ it in the Diner with your new friend and mine, Jake Kelfer. He’s an incredible entrepreneur who shared story after story about how he would bet on himself and keep pushing and trusting his ideas until they either came to fruition or failed. He shared about massive successes – writing a bestselling book and starting an NBA draft combine – as well as a failure in an online course he created that flopped...


 2021-11-25  1h1m

episode 62: Do You Keep Promises with Yourself? With Hall of Fame Speaker and Entertainer, Jason Hewlett

Today in the booth, Jason Hewlett is coming in hot and ordering up a Moons Over My Hammy and dishing out advice that’s good for the soul. We talked about body image and being comfortable in our own skin, ways to discover our signature moves – or our natural strengths, how to be comfortable in the different seasons of parenthood and ditch the idea of balance, and how to have grace with ourselves and be mindful of the way we speak with ourselves...


 2021-11-18  1h11m

episode 61: Be Ready For Your Story to Change Someone’s Life with Big Bang Theory Actor, Alessandra Torresani

Sliding into the diner this week is actor, Alessandra Torresani. You’ve seen her on Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, and most recently the movie, Women is Losers. She and I kicked things off by disclosing our first on-stage kisses (spoiler, hers was Frankie Muniz) then made our way back to our favorite diner orders. Alessandra told me about her California journey from the Bay Area to LA and the start of her acting career...


 2021-11-11  53m

episode 60: Living a Life Where You Need to Pinch Yourself with Stu Massengill

This week in the diner I hung out with my man, Stu Massengill. What I appreciate about Stu is that he is so dedicated to looking for what’s next and building his legacy, but he’s also so in tune with the present moment and savors every day, and I loved the way he talked about striking that balance...


 2021-11-04  1h12m