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Dirty Disco is a Electronic Music Podcast for DJ's & Music lovers. Every week I curate the latest and forthcoming releases in electronic dance music. A weekly selection of the finest recently released music. Always carefully selected, mixed and hosted by me Kono Vidovic. Next to new releases, I handle free downloads, interesting stories from the music scene and a touch of happiness and personal growth coaching. More on www.dirtydiscoradio.com Next to our website we also have our radio-show listed as a podcast feed on the iTunes Store. We are available on Mixcloud, Spotify and the TuneIn app. So get there and subscribe to our feed and never miss out on an episode again. If you are interested in doing a feature on one of your tracks or when you are running a label and you are interested in a label spotlight or music promo, just let us know.


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episode 392: Dragan Kucirov Exclusive Guest-Mix Session | Electronic Music Podcast | Dirty Disco 392.

Introduction to Dirty Disco 392 & Dragan Kucirov’s guest-mix. Just like last week I’m once again treating you with an exclusive Dirty Disco guest-mix. If you missed last week, make sure to check out my selection including a very dope disco influenced g...



episode 391: Just Martina Exclusive Guest-Mix Session | Electronic Music Podcast | Dirty Disco 391

Introduction to this week’s electronic music podcast. This week’s electronic music podcast episode “Dirty Disco” numero 391 (the 3th of 2021) is a packed one. Mostly filled with quality music, but also a high level of positive feel good vibes.



episode 390: Electronic Music Podcast | Dirty Disco 390.

Electronic Music Podcast 390 preface. Welcome to the second electronic music podcast of 2021, where a new music selection awaits you to pleasure your ears and mind and groove your soul. If you missed last week’s episode you might want to check that out...



episode 389: Welcome To 2021, A Positive Strong Year Full Of Good Music | Dirty Disco 389

Introduction to a positive strong year ahead with good music in Dirty Disco. After closing and escaping 2020 with the last episode here. We are welcoming 2021 as a positive strong year to come. Full of good music, health,



episode 388: Escape From 2020 | Dirty Disco 388 | The Last Of 2020, Welcome 2021!

The big escape from 2020. That’s right! Welcome to our big escape from 2020. This is the very last Dirty Disco episode in 2020. And what a strange year has it been, the first real worldwide pandemic for all current living generations.



episode 387: Electronic Music Selection With Commentary | Dirty Disco 387

Introduction to this week’s music selection. It’s amazing how much great music is being released in these pandemic times. It’s clearly hearable that producers and artists all around the world have much more time to produce and are in the safe comfort o...


 2020-12-21  2h10m

episode 386: New Electronic Music Commentary, Reviews & Mix Session | Dirty Disco 386

Introduction to this week’s music commentary. Hi lovely people, once again welcome to a new week and new music Monday selection. And like usual filled with music commentary and reviews including a 2 hour full dj mix,


 2020-12-14  2h6m

episode 385: Would You Like To See All My Thoughts & Deep Feelings Missing You In Buenos Aires | Dirty Disco 385

A new episode with a title that may yet again confuse you, so let me explain. As mentioned in these previous music episodes 383 and 384 right here. This week’s music blog title refers once again to the names of the EP’s,


 2020-12-07  2h0m

episode 384: Rewind The Days Of Youth With Our Computor Hearts In This Whole New Internet Game | Dirty Disco 384

In Dirty Disco 384 we are rewinding the days of youth with our computor hearts in this whole new internet game. Exactly like I did in last week’s episode where we had a vision on small moments in lockdown paradise the title refers to some of the musica...


 2020-11-30  2h9m

episode 383: The Vision Of Small Moments In Lockdown Paradise | Dirty Disco 383

The chosen title for this week’s music show has a double meaning. The Vision Of Small Moments In Lockdown Paradise refers to the fact that even with being in this 2020 pandemic there is no need to be depressed and or sit back waiting until Covid-19 lea...


 2020-11-23  2h4m