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Dirty Disco is a Electronic Music Podcast for DJ's & Music lovers. Every week i curate the latest and forthcoming releases in electronic dance music. A weekly selection of the finest recently released music. Always carefully selected, mixed and hosted by me Kono Vidovic. Next to new releases, i handle free downloads, interesting stories from the music scene and a touch of happiness and personal growth coaching. More on www.dirtydiscoradio.com Next to our website we also have our radio-show listed as a podcast feed on the iTunes Store. We are available on Mixcloud, Spotify and the TuneIn app. So get there and subscribe to our feed and never miss out on an episode again. If you are interested in doing a feature on one of your tracks or when you are running a label and you are interested in a label spotlight or music promo, just let us know.


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episode 367: 23 Best Electronic Music In July 2020 | Dirty Disco 367, Your Weekly Music Talk Show.

Best Electronic Music in July 2020. In every episode i always manage to select around 23 new tracks. Coincidence? Don’t think so, it all has to do with the average time of a single song and the 2 hour music talk show i present.



episode 366: 23 Summer Infected Electronic Music Tracks | Dirty Disco 366

Summer infected music. Music creators get their inspiration from all sorts of things in life. But one aspect can always be easily pointed out whether they do this consciously or unconsciously. In the warm seasons producers tend to let the nice weather ...



episode 365: 23 Summer Essential Dance Tracks | Dirty Disco 365 | New Music Monday.

New music Monday at Dirty Disco. #newmusicmonday and #newmusicfriday are two widely popular used tags on social networks. Every Dirty Disco episode gets published on Monday with the selections being always fresher than fresh you can say that our music ...



episode 364: Mixed Playlist Selection | Dirty Disco 364 | Curated & Presented

Intro to Dirty Disco 364. With this music blog post i try to make it easier for you to find new music that i play in the mixed playlist selection each week. The audio player gives you the option to listen while you surf the website in search for inform...



episode 363: Electronic Beats & Deep House | Dirty Disco 363 | Mixed Music Talk Show.

Introduction to 363 | Electronic Beats & Deep House. Episode 363 is not only another declaration of love for music. But also the 363th proof of dedication and passion in making guided music mixes. I must be honest that only with your support of tuning ...



episode 362: Dirty Disco 362 | Weekly Curated, Mixed & Hosted Electronic Music Show.

Introduction to Dirty Disco 362. Welcome to electronic music show 362. Every week there are hundreds if not thousands of new tracks being released in just only the electronic music scene. Because of this mechanism most of the music dies pretty quickly ...


 2020-06-29  2h8m

episode 361: Essential Music Selection | Dirty Disco 361 | Weekly Electronic Music Show

Dirty Disco 361 introduction. It’s been 361 episodes ago since i started with the weekly Dirty Disco installments, bringing you music that you wouldn’t hear that much at other places. Every week i continue to seek for new music and promo releases which...


 2020-06-22  1h59m

episode 360: Music Show | Dirty Disco 360 | 23 Deep Disco House Gems.

Music show introduction. While the world is experiencing strange and difficult times we will fight ourselves through. I keep presenting you my weekly music show with selections to give you a place and moment to forget about the problems and at the same...


 2020-06-15  2h0m

episode 359: Electronic Music Show | Dirty Disco 359 | Deeper Than House

Introduction to Electronic Music Show 359. To give you a bit of insight on my weekly selection procedure for this electronic music show. I started out with 130 tracks in my pre-selection that i liked when first hearing them.


 2020-06-08  2h3m

episode 358: Online Electronic Music Radio | Dirty Disco 358 | +10 Vinyl Releases

Online Electronic Music Radio Episode Introduction. Welcome to a new music blog and online electronic music radio episode of Dirty Disco 358. Last week i curated 23 new releases, the same amount of music like in the dance music show from last week.


 2020-06-01  2h4m