Discussing Trek: A Star Trek Podcast

Discussing Trek: A Star Trek Podcast is an unofficial podcast covering all Star Trek Paramount+ series (The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Star Trek Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, Strange New Worlds). We review each episode in somewhat excessive detail, in addition to talking all things trek.


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episode 163: Star Trek: Prodigy "Time Amok" Review

Time runs Amok as Hologram Janeway purposes a team-building exercise for the rag-tag crew of the USS Protostarm, but it may take more than just a training exercise to get this group of misfits on the same page. Join in as we unpack it all in the latest e



episode 162: Star Trek: Prodigy "First Con-tact" Review

In the latest episode of Star Trek: Prodigy, First Con-tact, we confirm our love/hate relationship with the Ferengi. Meanwhile, we continue to unfold the mystery behind Captain Chakotay and the original crew of the USS Protostar.



episode 161: Star Trek: Prodigy "Kobayashi" Review

In the mid-season premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy, Dal gets help from some unlikely candidates as he takes a stab at the legendary Kobayashi Maru. Meanwhile, the plot thickens around the mystery of Gwyndala and the Diviner. What was the USS Protostars ori



episode 160: Star Trek: Discovery "...But To Connect" Review

In the mid-season finale, Zora poses a problem for the crew of Discovery, while a meeting of the four quadrants member worlds determines what to do about the DMA. Join in on the fun as we review, But To Connect.



episode 159: Star Trek: Discovery "Stormy Weather" Review

In this episode of Star Trek Discovery, Stormy Weather, we get a glimpse at Zoras evolution and wonder if we may have a problem on our hands. Also, we discuss the appearance of someone from Cleveland Bookers past, along with our desire to get more meaty



episode 158: Star Trek: Discovery "The Examples" Review

Burnham and Book go on a mission to save The Examples on Radvek 5, while Stamets and Tarka team up to figure out the source of the DMA. Join in as we unpack it all in our review of Star Trek: Discovery, The Examples.


 2021-12-22  51m

episode 157: Star Trek: Discovery "All Is Possible" Review

In an episode that explores the intricacies of Federation politics, Discovery crew members also explore inward. This one is sure to be an emotional ride, as some paths come to an end. We unpack it all in our review of Star Trek: Discovery, All Is Possibl


 2021-12-14  53m

episode 156: Star Trek: Discovery "Choose To Live" Review

Whether it be in your new and improved synth body or through the pain of massive loss, the path you are on has come to an end. Choose to live. We unpack it all as the Qowat Milat and the Federation team up in this latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery.


 2021-12-08  52m

episode 155: Star Trek: Discovery "Anomaly" Review

The Federation attempts to assess the scope of a massive new threat, while Book attempts to work through the horror of where this threat has left his people. Join in as we unpack it all in our review of Star Trek: Discoverys latest episode, Anomaly.


 2021-12-01  1h5m

episode 154: Star Trek: Discovery "Kobayashi Maru" Review

Season four of Star Trek Discovery is finally here, and it wouldnt be Discovery without some massive mystery to keep us fastened to our seats. Enter the season four opener Kobayashi Maru. Join in as we unpack it all.


 2021-11-25  38m