Dispatches from the Underground

On Dispatches from the Underground host NYC punk Joey Steel, and guests explore the depths of underground, sub, and counter-culture while also trying to grasp a UG perspective on the mainstream and pop culture we are subjected to endure. Dig deep/Get down.


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DftUnderground Episode 390

Jesse, Whitney, Meagan, and Geoff of Houston's Days N Daze get down to talk about the trials and tribulations of this most recent Cracktober Fest with Cop/Out and Leftover Crack. We clear up any of the rumors and gossip swirling around about the tour,...



DftUnderground Episode 389

Libby Lux from Portland based Bridge City Sinners gets down to talk about their recent tour with the The Goddamn Gallows and their recent appearance at Muddy Roots Fest. We talk a ton of shit and Libby regales us with a bunch of crazy ass stories from...


 2019-09-14  59m

DftUnderground Episode 388

Lauren from the Dispatches from the Underground Collective gets down to talk about the recent mass shootings in the US. On the first part of the show we talk about how more gun control laws are no panacea for this problem. On the second half we talk...


 2019-08-08  1h11m

DftUnderground Episode 387

Christina and Cody from Basement Dwellers and Punk Island get down to talk about all the sweet shit Basement Dwellers are doing holding down some of the best up and coming punk in DIY NYC. We talk about Cody’s band Alouth and also get neck deep in...


 2019-06-11  1h12m

DftUnderground Episode 386

Scott Sturgeon aka Stza Crack of Leftöver Crack and Whitney Flynn of Days N Daze get down with Al Ghostcat of Cop/Out, film maker Ryan Kollin and artist Kaitlyn Chen in a seedy hotel in Miami for a Post Tour “Party” or whatever you want to call...


 2019-03-17  1h17m

DftUnderground Episode 385

Author Aaron Leonard gets down to talk about his new book “A Threat of the First Magnitude” which tells the untold story of the FBI informants who penetrated the upper reaches of organizations such as the Communist Party, USA, the Black Panther...


 2019-02-09  1h4m

DftUnderground Episode 384

Danielle from Out of System Transfer gets down to confront misogyny and patriarchy in the mainstream as well in our every day life, and even in our own underground podcasts. Obviously Trump has called a lot of the worst misogynists to be more bold in...


 2019-01-11  1h14m

DftUnderground Episode 383

Brett and Chris from NJ’s Crazy and the Brains get down to talk about their new album, their recent tour with Negative Approach and Leftöver Crack, and how they get their unique sound. Plus we talk about New Year’s resolutions and getting a grip...


 2018-12-30  1h10m

DftUnderground Episode 382

Enrique from the Massachusetts band Los Bungalitos gets down to talk about their new album Nueva Inglaterra. We talk about the journey this wicked collection of musicians goes through when they make this blistering music, and Enrique shows us we can...


 2018-11-22  1h14m

DftUnderground Episode 381

Mani Mostofi from the band Racetraitor gets down to talk about current political in the US, the continuing rise of the far right, and political violence, the latter of which is sorely needed at this moment. In the wake of the horrible murders...


 2018-11-02  1h9m