Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Best-selling author Whitney Johnson (“Disrupt Yourself”) explores her passion for personal disruption through engaging conversations with disruptors. Each episode of this podcast reveals new insights about how we work, learn, and live.


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episode 17: Chrysula Winegar: Harnessing the Disruptive Power of Motherhood

Chrysula Winegar is the driving force behind Global Moms Challenge, a public health education project and online community supported by the United Nations Foundation. To her four children, Chrysula is simply “Mom”. Mother’s Day offers a unique...


 2017-05-03  27m

episode 16: Paula Froelich: Travel Alone and Take a Gap Year

Paula Froelich is an accomplished journalist whose work has allowed her to travel the world. She’s written for The Guardian and the New York Post’s Page 6, among others. She built Yahoo! Travel into a must-read online travel website. But through...


 2017-04-20  25m

episode 15: Asi Burak: Changing the Game for Games

Asi Burak is disrupting how we think about playing games. Asi makes video games. But he’s not content making video games that are just entertaining. He wants to make games that are powerful enough to end conflicts and solve some of life’s greatest...


 2017-04-06  38m

episode 14: Susan Cain: Unlocking The Disruptive Power of Introverts

Susan Cain disrupted how the world thinks about introverts. Her best-selling book “” and The Quiet Revolution now help businesses and schools rethink the ways in which they serve people of all temperaments. As a writer, Susan actively seeks out...


 2017-03-22  41m

episode 13: Garry Ridge: The Boss We All Want to Be (CEO of WD-40)

Garry Ridge is the CEO of WD-40. He has served in that role for more than two decades, repeatedly disrupting the processes and the culture inside a company that’s best known for a selling a can of oil that silences squeaks. You don’t have to look...


 2017-03-06  30m

episode 12: Marco Rosamilia: The Flying Trapeze as a Metaphor for Disrupting Yourself

Marco Rosamilia is a small business owner whose clients are occasionally terrified of the service he provides. He co-founded a trapeze business with his brother in New York City, then added a location in Arizona. He’s in the business of helping...


 2017-02-22  18m

episode 11: Meredith Kopit Levien: On the Front Line of Journalism

Meredith Kopit Levien disrupts and is disrupted b…


 2017-02-09  46m

episode 10: Patrick Pichette: How this Former CFO of Google Disrupted Himself

One day in 2015 Patrick Pichette woke up and realized he no longer wanted to be the chief financial officer at Google. He didn’t want to be an executive at all. What he really wanted to do was spend time with his family, enjoy the outdoors a bit,...


 2017-01-26  30m

episode 9: Stacy London: Getting Fired Was Just What She Needed

Stacy London is a stylist and fashion consultant …


 2017-01-11  35m

episode 8: Bernie Swain: Taking a Risk on Yourself

In the early 1980s, Bernie Swain left his dream job at a young age to work in a closet with his wife. Their goal was to create the Washington Speakers Bureau. The agency has since represented several presidents, prime ministers, and bold-faced names...


 2016-12-28  40m