Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Best-selling author Whitney Johnson (“Disrupt Yourself”) explores her passion for personal disruption through engaging conversations with disruptors. Each episode of this podcast reveals new insights about how we work, learn, and live.


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episode 26: Alden Mills: Going Beyond Personal Limits

Alden Mills is the former Navy Seal turned entrepreneur, who gave us The Perfect Push Up. Join us as we discuss his latest book, "Be Unstoppable", how his childhood nickname proved to be a source of strength, and the inspiration behind his newest...


 2017-09-14  29m

episode 25: Live Coaching with Stacy Olsen Distefano

A special live coaching episode: Whitney helps listener Stacy Olsen Distefano figure out how to create a satisfying future in her career. After 10 years at her organization, Stacy has recently moved into a new innovation role – but is staying the...


 2017-08-31  39m

episode 24: Lee Caraher - Inspiring Loyalty in Millennial Employees

Lee Caraher is the C.E.O. and founder of Double Forte, a digital marketing agency and P.R. firm. Lee is also the author of “Millennials in Management” and “The Boomerang Principle. On this episode, Lee enlightens us about why Millennials are not...


 2017-08-16  39m

episode 23: Lolly Daskal: Leading with Competence and Capability

Lolly Daskal is an executive coach and author of The Leadership Gap. Lolly has been advising leaders on how to reinvent themselves when progress has stalled – and how to deal with the subsequent caveats. Whitney and Lolly discuss the seven...


 2017-08-02  28m

Episode 23: Lolly Daskal

Lolly Daskal is an executive coach and author of …


 2017-08-02  27m

episode 22: Wendy Sachs: Stepping Back to Slingshot Forward

Wendy Sachs is the author of the book . The book was born out of a disruption in Wendy’s career – and realizing her skills didn’t quite match what the media world required. Wendy talks rewriting your narrative to highlight your strengths, and...


 2017-07-20  33m

episode 21: Patrick McGinnis: How to Be a 10% Entrepreneur

The 2008 financial crisis inspired Patrick McGinnis to examine – and disrupt – his career. Motivated by the collapse, Patrick incrementally dove into entrepreneurship. He’s the author of The 10% Entrepreneur, a big idea that advises new business...


 2017-07-06  32m

episode 20: Kara Goldin: There's a Lot To Be Learned From Unbelievers

When Kara Goldin left her job at AOL after 7 years, she decided to work on her health in her new free time. That meant weening off of Diet Coke. But plain water was too boring, and there were no other options. So Kara came up with her own solution,...


 2017-06-22  27m

episode 19: Adda Birnir: The Disruptive Power of Mentorship

Adda Birnir is an entrepreneur and the founder of Skillcrush, an online coding school that offers a curriculum tailored for women who don't fit a typical 'coder' profile. Students are working moms, retirees, and mid-level workers who seek new career...


 2017-06-07  24m

episode 18: Naveen Rajdev: Bridging Leadership and Management

Naveen Rajdev is the chief marketing officer of a large international company that many listeners won’t recognize. His company, Wipro, is a technology company that comes up with creative solutions across industries. They operate behind the scenes....


 2017-05-17  29m