Ditch Diggers

Treat your writing like a blue collar job. Doctors don't get doctor block and ditch diggers don't get ditch digger block, and working writers can't get writer's block. Business and humor.


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episode 14: Ursula Vernon Talks the Triple Crown

Ursula Vernon, aka T. Kingfisher (the winner of the Andre Norton Nebula for YA and the Locus Award for YA) joins us to talk Ditch Digging, , and, uh, a lot of other things. Awards. Cover Art. Juggling many projects for hybrid publishing.  by...


 July 12, 2021  1h41m

episode 13: Kameron Hurley Talks Social Media

At last, we have Kameron Hurley back to talk about the much-needed social media discussion! While nowhere near perfect, various social media services do have settings that you can tweak to protect yourself from trolls. We go over some, compare block...


 July 5, 2021  1h19m

episode 12: Margaret Dunlap Talks Hollywood

My old Bookburners co-author and friend Margaret Dunlap comes aboard to talk about the state of Hollywood, how she got into scriptwriting, and how in the world they have so much damn money to throw around. 


 June 28, 2021  1h10m

episode 11: Alasdair Stuart is back!

Hugo-finalist fan writer, nonfic writer, and fiction writer joins us again to talk about some recent news in SF including the Nebula Awards!  Are you watching Ditch Diggers on Why not? Next live episode is Thursday (6.24) with Kameron Hurley...


 June 21, 2021  51m

episode 10: Ursula Vernon Co-Hosts

Ursula joins us from her lovely back yard, and we hope to not be rained out. 


 June 14, 2021  1h19m

episode 9: Kameron Hurley Co-Hosts

Kameron is back with more talk of ditch digging! 


 June 11, 2021  1h27m

episode 8: [DD] Matt STILL Missing! SB Divya Co-Hosts

I'm joined this week by editor and author to talk about Covid, being a debut during a pandemic, and other fun things! Are you watching Ditch Diggers on Why not? Next live episode is Wednesday (6.2) with Ursula Vernon (T. Kingfisher) joining us at...


 June 1, 2021  1h6m

episode 7: Matt is Missing! Cat Rambo Co-Hosts

Matt is very angry with me for having a real president on the show, but he's not here, so screw him. I invite the former SFWA president, amazing writer, and excellent teacher Cat Rambo to come hang out with me and talk ditches. 


 May 27, 2021  49m

Matt is Missing! Guest Host Alasdair Stuart

Matt is still gone, but has sent us a bloody fang as proof of live. Don't ask me, I don't control the boy.  Alasdair Stuart, co-owner of Escape Artists, four time Hugo Finalist (this year alone!), writer of fiction and nonfiction, and good friend...


 May 11, 2021  1h20m

episode 5: Author 201 With Guest Host Kameron Hurley

joins Mur to talk about all the things people just expect you to know when you get to a certain level of authordom. We talk Guest of Honor stuff, readings, talks, agents, and more!


 May 4, 2021  1h21m