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Everyone has heard about Bigfoot. Not many know that there's a much more terrifying cryptid stalking the deepest, darkest woods of North America and beyond. Tune in every Friday night, at 9PM EST, as eyewitnesses share the terrifying details of their real-life Dogman encounters with you. These are real eyewitnesses, not actors. If you listen to this show, you'll never look at the woods the same way again!

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Northern Minnesota Dogman Encounter - Dogman Encounters Episode 507

Tonight’s guest wishes to remain anonymous, so I just called her “Dixie” in tonight’s show. Dixie knows more about wolves than most people. She used to raise wolves, in Northern Minnesota, so it’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about them....



My Nekoosa, Wisconsin Dogman Encounter - Dogman Encounters Episode 506

Tonight’s guest, Jaime Smith, grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and as a kid, he spent more time in the woods than you could shake a stick at. Spending so much time out there, the way he did, gave him a familiarity with the woods that made...



Robin (from Montana) Livestream - Dogman Encounters Episode 505

Robin was featured on Episodes 139, 280, 398, & 399. On those shows, she told us about the Dogman-related experiences she's had and continues to have on her remote, Montana, property. Well, she's come back to update us and answer questions, for...



My Bear Mountain Dogman Encounter - Dogman Encounters Episode 504

If you’re ever in Connecticut and find yourself thinking about taking a trip to Bear Mountain, tonight’s guest would recommend going elsewhere. That’s because he had a very traumatic experience on Bear Mountain two days ago, with a Dogman, that left...



More Dogman Encounters from the U.K. (Special Livestream Episode) - Dogman Encounters Episode 503

If you’ve been listening to the show, for any length of time, the name Werewolf Mike should stand out in your mind. That’s because he’s been on the show multiple times, sharing the amazing Dogman-related experiences he’s had in the U.K. On today’s...



This was a Bad Dogman Encounter! - Dogman Encounters Episode 502

Tonight’s guest, Cody, was featured on Episode 497 and on that show, he told us about the injured, juvenile, Dogman he helped, when he was a kid. After that show aired, a lot of listeners made it clear that they wanted to know if Cody ever has another...



Dogman Q & A Livestream - Dogman Encounters Episode 501

Tonight's livestream show will be the first one dedicated to answering your general questions about Dogmen. With that in mind, I’ve invited two Dogman researchers, Paul Chafin, and Mike Colontonio, on to do that. Paul Chafin has a YouTube Channel,...


 January 27, 2024  1h31m

Good Dogman, Bad Dogman! - Dogman Encounters Episode 500

Tonight's show marks the 500th episode of Dogman Encounters. Thank you, so much, for supporting the show, the way so many of you have. You’ll never know how many Dogman eyewitnesses you’ve helped, by showing them the support you have. For tonight’s...


 January 20, 2024  1h21m

I Can’t Believe That Dogman Did That to Murphy! - Dogman Encounters Episode 499

Tonight's guest, Bret, had a Dogman encounter, at a rest stop, near the Nevada/California border that was so extreme, you could almost make a movie about it. The encounter happened on September 28th, 2016, and what made the encounter so much more...


 January 13, 2024  1h27m

My Wolf Moon Pass Dogman Encounter - Dogman Encounters Episode 498

Tonight’s guest, Phil, grew up exploring the forests and wild places of Wyoming and Colorado. After spending so much time in the wilderness of those two states, he was convinced he knew about all of the creatures that called the wilds of those two...


 January 13, 2024  1h10m