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Domain Name Wire editor Andrew Allemann reviews the latest news in the domain name business including: buying and selling domain names, domain name monetization, legal issues, new top level domain names (new TLDs), and businesses such as GoDaddy, Google and Also includes interviews with people in the domain name industry to help you make money with domain names.

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Newer domain investors find success – DNW Podcast #321

Listen to three newer domain investors talk about their strategies, tools, and approach. They say “all of the good domains are taken” and many people think that if you didn’t get into domain investing early, it’s too late. But last week,



Selling Gems with Andrew Miller – DNW Podcast #320

Andrew Miller talks about the old and the new. My guest today is Andrew Miller, an early domain investor who sold,, and many other gems. On today’s show, we dig into domain investing in the early 2000s.



NielsenIQ and domain names – DNW Podcast #319

What’s NielsenIQ, and why did it acquire Nielsen — the company you probably know for TV ratings — is really much more than that. This year, the company is splitting into two. On today’s show, I interview Jacqueline Woods,



2021 Predictions Episode – DNW Podcast #318

Here’s where 22 domain industry pros think we’re headed in 2021. Bring out the champagne, 2020 is almost over! It has certainly been an eventful, life-altering year. We’re concluding 2020 with our annual predictions episode.



2020 in review – DNW Podcast #317

A look back at 2020 in the domain name business. It’s a special edition this week as I review the top stories and trends in the domain name market in 2020. We’ll discuss the pandemic’s impact on the market, continuing consolidation, the failed .


 2020-12-21  19m

A Sparkly conversation with Jen Sale – DNW Podcast #316

Jen Sale’s new startup and thoughts on starting a business. You know Jen Sale as the CEO of domain name brokerage Evergreen. She has a new startup called Sparkly that hopes to make give-giving easier. Jen explains the idea behind the site and how the c...


 2020-12-14  26m

Acquiring a killer domain – DNW Podcast #315

This domain broker has been on the other side of a domain deal. Not many domain name brokers can say they’ve “been there” — in the shoes of a company trying to acquire a premium domain name. Today’s guest is one of those.


 2020-12-07  34m

Investing in new TLDs with Oswin – DNW Podcast #314

This domainer has success selling new TLDs. Making profitable investments with new top level domain names has proven challenging for many investors. Registries held back their best inventory or priced it at a premium. Today’s guest, Madhu Oswin,


 2020-11-30  27m

New TLD marketing with Mina Neuberg – DNW Podcast #313

Mina Neuberg, Chief Marketing Officer of Donuts, talks about marketing new top level domains to registrants. Last week, Donuts announced it was acquiring Afilias in a blockbuster deal. My guest this week is Mina Neuberg,


 2020-11-23  27m

Domain Investing with Adam Strong – DNW Podcast #312

Adam Strong talks about the state of the domain name aftermarket. Domain investor Adam Strong returns to the show today to talk about what he’s seeing in the domain aftermarket during this strange year. Adam sees the high level of the market through Ev...


 2020-11-16  28m