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Domain Name Wire editor Andrew Allemann reviews the latest news in the domain name business including: buying and selling domain names, domain name monetization, legal issues, new top level domain names (new TLDs), and businesses such as GoDaddy, Google and Also includes interviews with people in the domain name industry to help you make money with domain names.

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It’s on .Fox – DNW Podcast #306

How entertainment company Fox is using its .Fox top level domain. Many companies acquired a brand-matching new top level domain, but few have put them to extensive use. Fox has recently started using its dot-brand domain more,


 2020-10-05  25m

Domain broker ethics – DNW Podcast #305

How domain brokers, buyers, and sellers should act ethically. How should domain name brokers behave? On today’s show, domain buyer broker Bill Sweetman of Name Ninja discusses the role of buyer brokers, seller brokers,


 2020-09-28  33m

Web businesses during the pandemic – DNW Podcast #304

How are web businesses faring? It depends on the audience. By now, we have a good idea about what is happening in the domain name industry due to the pandemic. But what about developed websites? The answer, unsurprisingly,


 2020-09-21  32m

Grand Theft Domain Name – DNW Podcast #303

Kieren McCarthy discusses the astonishing story of the theft of the world’s most valuable domain name. When Sex .com was stolen in the 90s, it was most likely the most valuable domain name in the world. And it wasn’t just a routine domain theft like wh...


 2020-09-14  40m

Rand Fishkin on domains and SEO – DNW Podcast #302

The founder of Moz, and now SparkToro, discusses the history of domains and SEO. My guest this week is Rand Fishkin. Rand founded SEO company Moz and his latest startup is audience analytics company SparkToro. On today’s show,


 2020-09-08  34m

Checking in with Todd Han – DNW Podcast #301

Some domainer-friendly updates from Dynadot. This week, we check in with Dynadot founder Todd Han. He talks about Dynadot’s new sales system, some updates on the company’s expired domain auction platform, and what’s going on in the worldwide market for...


 2020-08-31  28m

It’s episode 300! – DNW Podcast #300

A retrospective after 300 episodes of the Domain Name Wire Podcast. It’s episode #300! Whether you recently discovered the Domain Name Wire Podcast or have listened since 2014, thanks for being part of this journey. On today’s show,


 2020-08-24  37m

Oh Hey .Gay – DNW Podcast #299

Ray King discusses the .gay launch and some domainer-friendly upgrades at Porkbun. My guest this week was the very first guest on the Domain Name Wire podcast back in 2014. Ray King runs two domain name companies: Top Level Design and Porkbun. Today,


 2020-08-17  30m

No B.S. – DNW Podcast #298

This domain company won’t give you any bullsh*it. There are many paths to growing a business, but domain name registrar Gandi has taken an unusual one: 100% of its business is from word-of-mouth. The registrar has grown to over 40 million euros in annu...


 2020-08-10  25m

i2Coalition – DNW Podcast #297

An interview with the voice for businesses that build the Internet. The Domain Name Association recently merged with i2Coalition, so this week I interview i2Coalition Executive Director Christian Dawson to learn more about the organization.


 2020-08-03  29m