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As an Integrative Health Practitioner I have come to realize that we simply haven't been taught how to optimize our health, and that the average person has habits that are negatively impacting their health, due to this lack of knowledge, through no fault of their own. Public health and our school system simply don't teach us enough about nutrition, sleep, stress, gut health or how interconnected our bodies are! Modern life has us more sleep deprived, stressed out and the sickest ever, and I believe it is time to bring this education to you, so that you CAN be empowered in your health and you can then make the right choices for you and your family. The choices you make today impact your future 1 year, 5 years, 10 years + from now. It is never too early to start looking after your health, as Health is your TRUE wealth....without it what do you have?

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episode 38: E038: Raise Your Energy And Bring More Joy Into Your Life

In this episode, Tania Zimmerman touches on the power of holistic healing modalities, as well as the power of our own thoughts to impact our life. Tania turned her own life around from being unhappy in where she was at, to realizing she had control, she could make the choices that would bring more joy and happiness into her life and this is exactly what she has done...


 2021-10-30  41m

episode 37: E037: Sugar Portion / Distortion + Trick or Treating Tips!

Karie Cassell, Registered Dietician, and Life Coach dive into emotional eating, and the fact it takes more than just knowing you shouldn’t do something to change habits. We discuss the diet industry and whether the diet is a good word or a bad word, and what Karie has come to discover it really means. We also discuss portion distortion, particularly in relation to sugar, as it’s in everything and it’s so easy for us to get too much sugar in our diet...


 2021-10-23  49m

episode 36: E036: 7 Steps To Help You kick the Sugar Habit

This is a continuation of episode #34. In that episode, I discussed the first 2 reasons why it can be so hard to kick the sugar habit and in this episode, I discuss the 3rd reason, as well as what happens when insulin is being produced to balance blood sugar and how when we have too much sugar in our blood for the insulin to store properly, it just stores it as fat, and at the same time, our fat-burning hormone is turned off when insulin is being produced...


 2021-10-16  24m

episode 35: E035: Sugar is Her Cocaine –It’s So Addictive

Jenni Currier has had a lifelong struggle with sugar, calling it her “cocaine” as it is very addictive to her, but in recent years she has learned how to Kick Sugar out of her life, and tools to help her do this. She’s also learned it’s a journey, and sometimes she falls off, but she catches herself much more quickly now and gets back on track...


 2021-10-09  37m

episode 34: E034: How Can Something Sweet Be So Evil?

Sugar is in everything! We know that, and yet it can be so hard to avoid it. In this episode, I discuss how sugar is sneaking into our diet as well as 2 reasons why our body is demanding sugar. When you understand this you can make better choices! You’ll also learn how eating sugar feeds your cancer cells, and why starting your day with a cup of fruit juice or bowl of Cheerios isn’t healthy, despite the marketing from the food industry that tells you otherwise...


 2021-10-02  23m

episode 33: E033: The Power of Forgiveness

Blair Kaplan Venables is a friend, client, colleague, social media marketer and the Founder of the I Am Resilient project. In this episode she bares her soul, as she talks about her life growing up with a father with an addiction problem, and how she came to learn the power of forgiveness and was then able to turn around her relationship with her father and now create a legacy project with him, as he battles with a terminal illness...


 2021-09-25  40m

episode 32: E032: Do you use the little words “Yes” and “No” backwards?

Two little words that were likely in the first 5 words we learned have so much power....but many of us use them backward and stay Yes to others instead of Yes to ourselves, and this can cause more stress in our lives, but when we learn to use these words properly we can lower our stress, and find time for self-care, and get into a positive cycle of looking after you FIRST!


 2021-09-18  22m

episode 31: E031: She Knew There Was More....

Annabelle Merriman is a Life Expansion Expert, and so much more! She’s a homeopath, that helped people heal, but also knew there was more...she’s a breast cancer survivor and thriver but didn’t want to be just that, she knew there was more...and so she has gone on her own journey of discovery to evolve into the practitioner she is today, working with couples to help them get pregnant, and helping empty nester Moms find their purpose and passion for this third phase of their life...


 2021-09-11  48m

episode 30: E030: Self -care is a priority, not a luxury!

It wasn’t until I went back to school that I learned the importance of self-care, and created a mantra around it for myself so that I could create the mindset shift needed, that it’s not selfish at all! In this episode, I share some ideas around self-care, that I hope will trigger a mindset shift in you, so that you make this a priority, and don’t think of it as a luxury! Self-care results in improved focus, improved productivity, lower stress, better sleep, and improved health......


 2021-09-04  30m

episode 29: E029: How Acupuncture improves digestion while you take a nap!

Sharleen Lawrence’s journey into Health & Wellness is not the typical story of first healing herself, but when she found Acupuncture, she knew she had found her home! In this episode, Sharleen shares her story, why acupuncture is so effective at improving digestion, and how she was guided into creating a new modality altogether –hypnopuncture! Sharleen is located in Southern California, but she can work with you virtually and she explains how in this episode.


 2021-08-28  52m