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2 Timothy 1.1-7

Paul writes what is essentially the last will and testament of his gospel message. If you should know one day when the end of your life is near…time for you will become a most precious thing…you will want to use it wisely. You will want to remind those you love one last time of what’s really important in life. Whatever life lessons you have learned you will want to pass on...



1st Timothy 6:11-21

In this text, Paul exhorts Timothy to flee, follow and fight. What is he to flee from? What is he to follow after? Whom and how does he fight?



1st Timothy 6:1-10

In this text, Paul explains to Timothy why our work attitude matters to God, but cautions that being consumed with attaining wealth through our work will never satisfy...only godliness provides lasting contentment.



1 Timothy 5:17-25

Paul wrote to Timothy that elders who were teaching pastors were worthy of double honor (respect and financial compensation.) However, any elder or teaching pastor who had dishonored the Lord through disqualifying sin will need to be confronted and rebuked if there are two or three witnesses. Due to the nature of their high profile, Timothy and the congregation of Ephesus would be well-served to be cautious in taking their time in elder selection.


 2021-09-20  38m

1st Timothy 5:1-16

The question of who is responsible for caregiving to the elderly, and in particular widows, is not a new one. It had to be dealt with in the 1st Century as well as the 21st Century. Today we see Paul advising Timothy how to relate effectively to individuals who make up various age groups in the church. We begin with Paul’s more general advice and then move to his more specific instructions involving widows.


 2021-09-14  37m

1st Timothy 4:11-16

Many pastors call this section of 1st Timothy the “Ten Commandments of Ministry” because in the space of six verses Paul commands young Timothy to do ten things. It’s interesting that Paul would select as a protégé someone wired so differently from him in temperament. Paul is an older man with a notoriously bold and assertive personality. Timothy had a low-key unassuming more laid-back temperament...


 2021-09-08  45m

1 Timothy 4:6-10

We live in a society that suggests there is a quick fix to every problem. We’re suckers for anyone claiming to offer a proven way to lose weight or tone muscle effortlessly because we like quick easy answers to tough long-term problems. What doesn’t work in the physical realm also doesn’t work in the spiritual realm either. Just like there are exercise and diet fads there are occasional spiritual fads...


 2021-08-30  37m

1st Timothy 4:1-5

In my over thirty years of being a pastor, I have experienced people leaving this church and Christianity on occasion. Some were people who had been in church all or most of their lives who just decided one day they no longer believed in God...that they had been duped by their their me...that their heads had been filled with lies and nonsense. They become Ex-Christians or at the very least Exvangelicals...


 2021-08-23  46m

1st Timothy 3:14-16

When we think of the Protestant Reformation we typically only concern ourselves with two of the three main tenets that caused Martin Luther to post his 95 theses (complaints) against the medieval Roman Catholic Church. However, we are less aware of the Protestant Reformation's third tenet, which was to encourage congregational singing. You see Luther believed that music was second only to God’s Word in terms of its ability to cheer and influence...


 2021-08-16  37m