Draft Zero: a screenwriting podcast

Two emerging screenwriters – Chas Fisher and Stuart Willis – try to work out what makes great screenplays work. Discovering what it takes by analysing what successful writers put on the page.


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episode 91: DZ-91: Raising (different kinds of) Stakes

How can you keep your audience hooked when they know the end of the story? Chas, Stu and Mel take a deep dive into stakes, using then lens of biopics to help us think about them. If an audience already knows the “plot” outcome of a story, then how...



episode 90: DZ-90: Setups & Payoffs in Everything Everywhere All At Once

How can you use setups and payoffs to stitch your film together? In this one-shot, Chas and Stu dive into the awesomeness of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. In particular, we focus on its use of setups, payoffs and reversals; breakdown the...


 2022-07-27  1h30m

episode 89: DZ-89: Opening Sequences

How does your opening sequence set up your audience? Inspired by her tweet on how subversive an opening OCEAN’S ELEVEN has, Chas and Stu invited amazing writer/director Jessica Ellis onto the show to deep dive into opening sequences. How does a good...


 2022-05-31  1h48m

episode 88: DZ-88: Drama in Genre clothing

How can dramas use genre elements to hook their audiences? Stu and Chas reunite with TV writer & director Kodie Bedford to look at how some films start out as genre but gradually become character dramas. Or, as Stu never said on the episode "Genre in...


 2022-05-01  2h6m

episode 87: DZ-87: Keeping Genre fresh

How do you deliver on the emotional contract of a genre while surprising the audience? In tackling this enormous topic, Stu and Chads enlist professional TV writer and desire for Kodie Bedford, someone who has somehow managed to defy genre...


 2022-03-28  2h13m

DZ-86: Backmatter - Minimum Viable Product

How do you determine what is your MVP? In their annual full backwater episode, Stu and Chas let out their pandemic hair, drop the ruse of objectivity, and allow themselves to have even more options about writing and the business of writing. In this...


 2022-02-01  1h29m

episode 85: DZ-85: Choices & Decision 2 - The Farewell & Wrath of Man

What is difference between choice and decision when it comes to audience experience?


 2021-11-17  1h49m

episode 84: DZ-84: Choices & Decisions 1 - Booksmart

What is the difference between choice and decision when it comes to characters?


 2021-10-30  1h12m

episode 83: DZ-83: A Very Thematic Stand-up Special!

What can screenwriters learn from the storytelling techniques used by stand-up comedians?


 2021-09-08  2h31m

episode 82: DZ-82: Dramatising Given Circumstances in Watchmen

How can writers dramatise Given Circumstances?


 2021-08-18  2h6m