Draft Zero: a screenwriting podcast

Two emerging screenwriters – Chas Fisher and Stuart Willis – try to work out what makes great screenplays work. Discovering what it takes by analysing what successful writers put on the page.


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episode 55: DZ-55: Character Motivations (Part 1)

What to do when a reader says “I don’t buy that he/she would do that”?


 2019-01-15  2h18m

episode 56: DZ-56: Character Motivations (Part 2)

Workshopping ways to fix character motivations.


 2019-03-30  2h16m

episode 57: DZ-57: Backmatter - Aesthetics and Forgiveness in Writing

How can you best articulate your ideas?


 2019-05-01  1h29m

episode 58: DZ-58: Game of Thrones - Character Exposition

How can you let your characters tell us how they feel?


 2019-05-16  1h47m

episode 59: DZ-59: Short Shot - Avengers Endgame

Do you want your audience feeling with or for your characters?  


 2019-07-01  1h14m

episode 60: DZ-60 Unfilmables and Unscriptables (Part 1) - Engaging imagination

How can unfilmables enhance the experience of your script?


 2019-08-07  2h25m

episode 61: DZ-61: Unfilmables and Unscriptables (Part 2) - Moments of Awe

How can unfilmables help you create those cinematic moments of awe?


 2019-09-25  2h5m

episode 62: DZ-62: Unfilmables and Unscriptables (Part 3) - As Ifs & Emotional context

How do you know if your unfilmable is good... or if you’re just being a wanker?


 2019-12-02  2h17m

episode 63: DZ-63: Tools for Better Dialogue (Part 2) - Hook and Eye

How can you create flow and contrast in your dialogue?


 2019-12-31  1h58m

episode 66: DZ-66: The Mandalorian and The Rise of Skywalker - Audience Knowledge vs Character Motivation

How does audience knowledge affect your character’s motivations?


 2020-03-17  1h45m
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