Nina West (AKA Andrew Levitt) takes on all things drag and LGBT. DragCast is produced in Columbus, Ohio.


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150: Story Time

Love is in the air and so are bats. We’re looking back over our summer adventures and looking forward to fall. Plus, we discuss keeping drag Queens where they belong– in the library.


 2018-08-28  47m

149: Supersized Superheroes

We have been away for awhile. In fact, PLOT TWIST, this is last week’e episode THIS WEEK! We are chatting about Virginia West’s HEROES and VILLAINS, our love fro ABBA and the Broadway debut of RuPaul’s Drag Race Alum, Peppermint!


 2018-08-22  1h6m

148: Happy 40th, Nina!

We’re dedicating this episode to celebrating Nina’s birthday! It’s not all Ben Gay and Depends talk–It’s just a good opportunity for us to look back over the year and think about the year to come. Join us!


 2018-08-07  43m

147: Happy Anniversary!

Three is a magic number! It’s our third anniversary and we’re talking highs and lows and the behind the scenes drama of DragCast. But first, we’ve got some more comments from you on Episode 146, our big wedding episode. Take a listen!


 2018-07-31  53m

146: Wedding Bells

  It’s a topic we have little to no business talking about, but these two singletons are taking on weddings. Disney weddings, big weddings, small weddings, favorite traditions, traditions we could live without, etiquette, and more.


 2018-07-24  1h9m

145: Trip Up the River

Happy Tuesday! Join us for the continuing saga of Nina’s adventures with the crystal castle and Patricia’s trip up the river. Plus our favorite Emmy nominees and more. RUPAUL “DRAG TOTS” The new animated series “Drag Tots” features the cast of RuPaul’s...


 2018-07-17  1h6m

144: Summer Fun 2018

Summer fun! What are you doing this summer? Just what you’d expect from the DragCast co-hosts you’ve come to know and love, we’re watching movies and TV shows, reading books, eating seasonal snacks, and playing games. We’re talking about our favs.


 2018-07-10  1h12m

143: Wonderfully Wrapped

Drink a Coke, don’t wear socks, and join us as we talk about closing weekend of Wonderful World of Nina, Alan Menken and Ninas NYC adventures, RDRS10Snatch game episode, and more!


 2018-05-09  37m

142: Blueberry Pie-Licious

Blueberry pie and a pickle. Maybe they don’t go together on your plate, but they go together in this episode of DragCast. We’ve got a recap of the Wonderful World of Nina opening weekend and a RuCap of RPDR Season 10, Episode 5. Plus,


 2018-04-25  51m

141: Wonderful World of Nina

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dragcast. We’re so excited about the opening of the Wonderful World of Nina this Friday we can hardly contain ourselves. We’re celebrating by sharing some spoilers and insider info.


 2018-04-17  1h7m