Dragon Questicles - A Podcast about Dungeons, Dragons, and Friendship

We are a real play, role play podcast of a couple of friends recording their Dungeons and Dragons sessions and releasing them to the internet.


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episode 22: A New Foe has Appeared!

The party fights to keep Freya safe from a new threat that has come to the village. It's just one guy though, right? What could he possibly do? The horse galloping sfx used for Persidious were provided by Audio Productions and the monster footsteps...


 2018-02-15  56m

episode 21: The Liberation Festival

The Party enjoys a fun-filled day at the festival. It looks like everything is coming up Milhouse! Rizer Bay is liberated, the villagers are safe; what could possibly go wrong? If you would like to game with us, check us out on PSN/Steam Rian -...


 2018-02-07  1h3m

episode 20: Bonfire of the Vanities

Looks like the Festival is starting a day early with a bonfire to purify the village of the evils that terrorized them, but with Penelope still alive, Laz is not ready to celebrate just yet. Theo'din is dealing with his own problems and JiJi is not...


 2018-01-31  1h17m

episode 19: A Bard's Honor

The Party gets word that a certain dwarf is weaving tales of lies regarding the Hag to the people of Rizer Bay and this doesn't sit well with Theo'din. Sounds like an example must be made. The Horse galloping Sound FX used for Persidious were provided...


 2018-01-24  1h13m

episode 18: Dreams and Nightmares

JiJi gets the party kicked out of the Cromwell home, Laz has a bad dream, and the people of Rizer Bay put their preparations for the Festival on hold to take care of some Hag business. Never a dull moment with these guys. The Medieval Battle Sound FX...


 2018-01-18  1h11m

episode 17: Getting Answers

After their fight with Eleanor and Penelope, the party is left to piece together what's going on and to fix the broken village. They search for clues at the village elder's home and try to find out info on Hags from Monty, the resident cleric. It...


 2018-01-10  56m

episode 16: Dark Side of the Moon goddess

The Party slowly uncovers the village elder's dark secrets and have a run in with the Moon goddess. How will the party escape from Rizer Bay or are they doomed to suffer the same fate as the people they found in the dungeon?


 2018-01-03  1h17m

episode 15: Ride or Die

The Weavers of Durendor are ambushed and must fight their way out of the forest. What do we have here now? Do you want to ride or die? La dadada la la la la Our hearts go out to all those affected by the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas. If you...


 2017-12-27  1h20m

episode 14: Reavers Rulez

This week Brandon GM's! We are the Weavers of Durendor and are tasked with a mission from the Emperor. Special thanks to Elmer Abapo for providing the interlude music for the episode. You can check out his stuff at http://www.elmerabapo.com/ Our...


 2017-12-20  1h30m

episode 13: For Science!

The Party stumbles across a secret magical item while investigating the communal service center and conduct some experiment with it... for science! Special thanks to Darren Curtis and Elmer Abapo for providing the music for the episode. You can check...


 2017-12-13  1h2m