Greetings Adventurers - Dungeons and Dragons 5e Actual Play

Greetings, Adventurers! (Formerly Drunks and Dragons) is an award-winning actual-play, comedy podcast using Dungeons and Dragons as a framework for creating a (mostly) improvised narrative.

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episode 379: Episode 379 - Welcome to Venduria

Well we solved the plane of earth without even Bone Battling! Nice job, us. Although maybe it would have been nice to get some practice in...regardless now we have to move on to the Plane of Air for our toughest fight yet! The adventure continues with&nb



episode 378: Episode 378 - The Crimes of Catherine Beanlord

Family. Momma Mia. The spiciest meatball of them all, some say. LIsten as we unpack a tale of familial woe that may hit close to home. But remember, found family is often times more important, which is beautiful. The adventure continues with Skud De



episode 377: Episode 377 - 12 Angry Allies

When facing a monster of such horror and unknowable wrath you gotta bring in some dang back up! Hopefully the back up is like, helpful and not chaotic and prone to exploding. The adventure continues with Skud Derringer (Mike Bachmann), Rowan Grey (J



episode 376: Episode 376 - Welcome to the Night Zone

Chasing down a suspected brother into a scary cave system isn't how we planned our trip to the Elemental Plane of Earth. But, hey. it sounds like this Night Zone is dangerous so we gotta help save a brother. The adventure continues with Skud Derring



episode 375: Episode 375 - The Sorrowful Man

Our quest to make Skud the greatest Bone Card Champion continues! Hopefully the Sorrowful Man is cool and chill. Maybe the nickname is just a cute nickname since he is super nice? Maybe? The adventure continues with Skud Derringer (Mike Bachmann), R


 2020-09-21  1h13m

episode 374: Episode 374 - The Mind Killer

These dang Mind Flayers sure are nasty and weirdly obsessed with brains... yikes! Get a better hobby, ya weirdos! Thanks again to Pat Edwards for guesting! You can find the Kickstarter here -


 2020-09-14  1h27m

episode 373: Episode 373 - Brain Brine Juice

Alright, time to figure out how to get into Earth Smash 42. This plane is already crowded and we seem late but there has got to be a helpful person looking for a favor. This is the Adventuring Hero way! Thanks again to Pat Edwards for guesting! You can f


 2020-09-07  1h21m

Bonus Episode - GeeklyCon Digi 2020 live show: Annual Office Party

It's time to return to our favorite team of Office Adventurers!  Join Frank, Turnip, Heather, Misty, Beans and a new consultant as they encounter their next challenge...Ferrum Pecunia's annual office party! Thank you to Nick for guesting! The advent


 2020-08-31  58m

episode 372: Episode 372 - Welcome to the Elemental Plane of Earth

Having solved the Water Gym and receiving the respective badge, our heroes rush to the Elemental Plane of Earth for more Bonecard Battles! Will these battles be hard as a rock? Or will Skud and his Bone Team pumice them?! The adventure continues with&nbs


 2020-08-24  56m

episode 371: Episode 371 - Bonesplash 42 Part 2

Oh no, it is a freaking kraken! Aaaaaahhhh! It is so big and so gross and how... does it have a skeleton and bones and such everywhere? I get the body and face...but bone tentacles? We truly live in a cursed time. The adventure continues with Skud D


 2020-08-17  1h3m