Suzanne Kane & PJ Gallagher have teamed up to bring you a weekly Dubland Podcast! Suzanne & PJ give their take on the week which usually includes a rant from PJ, they award their "Hero of the Week" and Animal facts.


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episode 32: A Bed Is a Scam. Nobody Needs A Bed.

This week there’s a gift from a fan, two gifts in fact. Difficult for PJ, who “hates owning things”. He’s clearing out his house but has gone a bit Marie Kondo, or maybe he’s just lost it. He doesn’t want to own anything - no need for a bed, or a table, sure just eat off your lap. Suzanne has strong feelings about not eating at a table. She’s less upset then you’d imagine about turning 40, though. There’s talk of botox...



episode 31: 45 Year Old Gutter Belly

PJ is struggling so Suzanne goes to the trusty Dubland audience and Dr. Google to diagnose him. PJ turns to Smithwicks. How are we getting on with the virus now? Judging by previous attitudes from your hosts you might guess where they are now... but I wouldn't bet your house on these yoyos. Suzanne stalks PJ in Howth. Suzanne gets more free stuff, PJ is suitably perturbed. There's talk about food and being/not being a foodie. An ad starring PJ from the 90s is uncovered...



episode 30: Well Armed For Sh*tty Dog Lips

Dubland begins this week with some music that Suzanne and PJ are listening to at the moment. Which sets PJ off on a rant about Irish rappers. He then heads off to the right place for a meal but ends up getting 'done'. They talk about Covid-19, where we are now, and whether or not we're all fecked, one way or another. This leads to PJ's theory that we're in the midst of an epidemic of human excrement, and it unleashes wild accusations against our canine friends...



episode 29: It Takes Two Years To Break In A Pair of Cacks

The mint milkshakes from McDonald's turned kids green and Sunny D made them orange. Good for bereavement though, which is something. PJ confesses his love for "Dallas" and Funderland. The episode is a nostalgia fest for the first while. There's breaking news on the word 'Culchie'. They serve the wrong chips in Lahinch but overall it's a great place altogether, down in the Clares. The pair of love gurus talk about relationships and sexuality and sort it all out once and for all...



episode 28: You Dildo of a Man

PJ gives out to Suzanne again. We need to be afraid of everything now. PJ gets a McDonald's but Suzanne, despite her joy at the news, has a few issues with how he went about it. Kanye West is running for president, which is great news for the podcast. Suzanne meets a Covid Denier and she also had a bad cheesecake, they end up talking about soggy bottoms again. PJ has gone DEEP on the Below Deck, he's now spending money on it, it's all Suzanne's fault. She is watching Normal People now...


 2020-07-07  1h9m

episode 27: The Bottom Needs to be Moist and Crumbly and Firm and Soggy 

PJ has lost the plot altogether. Here's what happen, for those of you really paying attention, you'll remember that last week Suzanne called PJ skinny. Well, that ignorant attempt at a compliment has thrown him completely off the rails. So inflated was PJ's ego in regards to his invincible body that he lost himself in cheesecake, alcohol and Haribo jellies. The episode starts with a fatty breakdown of PJ's sugar intake...


 2020-06-30  1h5m

episode 26: An Alcoholic Monkey And A Racist Deer

Dubland are back in the studio for the first time in months, and Suzanne marks the occasion by instantly calling PJ skinny. He doesn't take kindly, so that's where we begin. Then there's PJ and Stefanie Preissner having coffee and his mad, intense fears about mundane things, which inspires great creativity in him. The world has gone mad, there's a quick rundown of the madness of 2020. The sexual abuse in the Irish comedy scene...


 2020-06-24  54m

episode 25: A Little Mouse On A Motorbike

Fat and brown, or skinny and white... which is more desirable? Once again, Dubland demolishing the big questions. It doesn't stop there, of course, we move on to 'poo anxiety', and how much should we be farting? An update on PJ's dizziness and some potential solutions from the Dubland listeners hive mind. Suzanne and PJ then attempt to sort out Irish politics, but basically, they don't. So they move on to "Selling Sunset". Iconic sports stars who were absolute screwballs...


 2020-06-16  54m

episode 24: Two Grumbling Old Farts

Suzanne has watched the Jeffrey Epstein documentary which was just fuel to the fire. The lifting of some restrictions was good, but everything else is terrible. All that is to say that she's as bad as PJ in this episode. Hence the title. Having said that, PJ won't give up his title easily - something he wished for in last week's episode comes true this week... and he gives out about that. No stopping him. The leader of Ireland speaks mostly in movie quotes, and we're ok with that...


 2020-06-09  59m

episode 23: Deeply Transitional

The sun is out! Does that make the pandemic ok? Not really, but it applies a filter to life, which is nice. Turns out the whole thing is Liverpool Football Club's fault anyway. The sun brings the people out, and with that the hugs and the licking of each other. It's very deflating these inflated groups of people. Suzanne's daughter knows, and most people, according to her Instagram poll - anyway, PJ has a lot to say about the people who will "lose their minds if they don't see their friends"...


 2020-06-03  48m