Suzanne Kane & PJ Gallagher have teamed up to bring you a weekly Dubland Podcast! Suzanne & PJ give their take on the week which usually includes a rant from PJ, they award their "Hero of the Week" and Animal facts.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 50m. Bisher sind 245 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts

episode 39: If You Unplug The Fridge, You Can Still Eat The Ham Tomorrow

Suzanne gives PJ a present because he was texting her about the end of the world. He drowned his sorrows in all the whisky. Suzanne is cranky, fed up with people. Phil the DPD driver is the only good one left. PJ was involved in a car crash. We learn about teaspoon fulls of babies. And, related, we learn about vasectomies. PJ's pal gives the doctor the wrong sample. Men are a much simpler system. People are pass-remarkable about Suzanne's belly...



episode 38: Up The Nose Round The Corner

Dubland is back and back to talking about poor old Paul Mescal's biology. Suzanne also makes an ethical defence for preventing a portion of society from accessing healthcare. There's the latest turn in Dubland's on point reaction to Covid-19. Suzanne gets a Covid test, it's great fun, although, she must reiterate, she didn't need one. PJ is incredulous at the description of the test. PJ compares pregnancy to a banned extreme sport. There's a ken doll...



episode 37: Dubland meets Doireann Garrihy

Dubland meets Doireann Garrihy and quickly delve deep into PJ's bowel movements, or lack thereof. Eventually we get around to Doireann and the talk moves to being busy and how busy we should be and what the pandemic has taught us about taking a breath. They talk about moving in with your fella or missus, especially during a pandemic. Suzanne and PJ starts organising Doireann's wedding, which she quickly puts a stop to, seeing as she's not engaged or getting married...



episode 36: Little Rat Nibblers and a Little Piece for The Herald

PJ has absolutely nothing to do, he's living in the privilege of pure boredom. He's like a cardboard human at a baseball game. He then goes off on Leeds FC, and makes a ballsy wager on their losses. Who would rob a dead man's heart? There's some Irish history in this episode and some of the gossip of great Irish authors and their meanderings. Dublin Castle, Christchurch Cathedral, James Connolly and the Queen of Tarts all make appearances...


 2020-09-15  1h9m

episode 35: I'd Burn The Place Down If I Thought I'd Get Away With It

A back to school special with Suzanne and PJ. We get a good sense of your Dubland hosts at school age. Suzanne's kids decide that school/creche are no longer as important as sleep. PJ updates us on the Communion we've been hearing about for weeks. We learn new things about the celebrity status of his nephew. Suzanne tried to make her peace with the Lord as a seven year old and PJ tells us how he left the school he hated in a blaze of glory...


 2020-09-08  1h5m

episode 34: Harry Kane's Jaw and Richard Gere as a Gerbiller

Suzanne makes the case for a percentage of Harry Kane's fortune by way of close family relations. PJ shoots it down using irrefutable biology. Maiden names get the once over as do myths of rock and roll lechery. There's more biology then, of the unmistakably female kind, including a trip to Benidorm. PJ is a week into his holidays and he's bored stiff. He finds himself doing bizarre things in his shed...


 2020-08-25  1h8m

episode 33: Dubland meets Eoin McGee

Finally, after much talk of getting financial planner Eoin McGee into the studio to help PJ sort out his mortgage woes, we have got Eoin McGee into the studio. And it's a jumbo episode! Nearly two hours in which they talk about nearly everything but PJ's mortgage woes. Anyway, not to worry, he needs something to moan about. There's loads in here about money, taxes, mortgages, savings, pensions and a few good laughs along the way. It's Dubland, dive in. Go buy a t-shirt and enjoy Dubland...


 2020-08-19  1h40m

episode 32: A Bed Is a Scam. Nobody Needs A Bed.

This week there’s a gift from a fan, two gifts in fact. Difficult for PJ, who “hates owning things”. He’s clearing out his house but has gone a bit Marie Kondo, or maybe he’s just lost it. He doesn’t want to own anything - no need for a bed, or a table, sure just eat off your lap. Suzanne has strong feelings about not eating at a table. She’s less upset then you’d imagine about turning 40, though. There’s talk of botox...


 2020-08-11  53m

episode 31: 45 Year Old Gutter Belly

PJ is struggling so Suzanne goes to the trusty Dubland audience and Dr. Google to diagnose him. PJ turns to Smithwicks. How are we getting on with the virus now? Judging by previous attitudes from your hosts you might guess where they are now... but I wouldn't bet your house on these yoyos. Suzanne stalks PJ in Howth. Suzanne gets more free stuff, PJ is suitably perturbed. There's talk about food and being/not being a foodie. An ad starring PJ from the 90s is uncovered...


 2020-07-28  1h23m

episode 30: Well Armed For Sh*tty Dog Lips

Dubland begins this week with some music that Suzanne and PJ are listening to at the moment. Which sets PJ off on a rant about Irish rappers. He then heads off to the right place for a meal but ends up getting 'done'. They talk about Covid-19, where we are now, and whether or not we're all fecked, one way or another. This leads to PJ's theory that we're in the midst of an epidemic of human excrement, and it unleashes wild accusations against our canine friends...


 2020-07-21  1h6m