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Your favorite female Shock Jock. Also, the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth.


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episode 19: Anal Beads, Vaginal Rejuvenation, and Spitting Kitties with Dr. Cherise Felix

Dr. Cherise Felix, MD. joins Bunnie this week to answer some super weird and funny questions - some medically related, and some are just downright crazy. Dr. Felix talks about the type of services they provide at her medically run “service...


 2019-10-09  49m

episode 20: Sugar Daddies, Types of Porn, and Having Sex on Family Vacations

The fierce and lovely Mrs. FeFe King joins Bunnie this week to answer some of your questions, share what’s new with her and just have a good time. Bunnie and FeFe talk about internet trollls, DM etiquette with other people’s husbands, their...


 2019-10-16  34m

episode 21: Blindfolds and ASMR

Social media star and comedian Charlie Classic joins Bunnie for a crazy ASMR game. We swear, you’ve never heard a crouton crunching sound so sexy before. He and Bunnie also talk about Area 51 and UFO sightings, white trash mansions and the...


 2019-10-23  20m

episode 22: Hot Criminal Defense Lawyer Nori The Nightmare

Lauren Noriega, aka Nori The Nightmare, combined her love of learning and law enforcement to become a badass Criminal Defense Attorney and founder of her own law firm, The Noriega Law Firm. She talks with Bunnie about using social media as a tool to...


 2019-10-30  20m

episode 23: Shamanic Magic, Past Lives, and The Card of Lust

Bunnie is ready to get her chakras balanced and maybe go back to a past life or two this week, so she goes for one of the best and calls in Shamanic Healer Eric Brown. Eric works with people on finding the root cause of their symptoms so they can deal...


 2019-11-06  56m

episode 24: Wrestler Katie Forbes Talks Twerking, Gross DM’s & Her Lover RVD

Bunnie and Professional Wrestler Katie Forbes were co-stalking each other online, and finally, these two meet for an explosive and fun interview. Katie shares her path from attending wrestling school to now being internationally famous with thousands...


 2019-11-13  20m

episode 25: Juelz Makes Bunnie Get a Chubby

Bunnie welcomes blonde bombshell and porn star Juelz Ventura on the show this week! Juelz talks about how she got into the porn industry, the weirdest set she has worked on, and some gross co-stars she would like to forget. The gals also talk mommy...


 2019-11-20  22m

episode 26: Stefani Somers Takes The Hot Seat

The multi-talented and gorgeous Stefani Somers takes a hot seat with Bunnie this week. Stefani talks about how she got started in acting and began performing in Shakespeare plays, and why the uke is currently her instrument of choice. Then, things...


 2019-11-27  21m

episode 27: Chelcie Lynn Wants You to Eat Her Trash

Bunnie and co-host FeFe King open up their hearts and trailers this week for the hilariously creative and real Chelcie Lynn. This woman is a pop culture icon and the comic behind the viral sensation Trailer Trash Tammy. Chelcie talks about growing up...


 2019-12-04  31m

episode 28: Jelly Talks About Creativity, Pain, and What’s Next in 2020

Jelly, the most requested and beloved guest, is back and ready to tell nothing but the truth! Daddy and Bunnie talk about how they both rule at creating nicknames that stick, a few of the many emotional fan encounters that have inspired him when...


 2019-12-11  45m