Dumb People Town

It’s as much an exploration as it is a celebration of dumb people doing dumb things (often in Florida). With Daniel Van Kirk, Randy Sklar, and Jason Sklar. www.patreon.com/dumbpeopletown


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Doug Benson - The Yolk Has Been Broken

This week, Doug Benson (The High Court with Doug Benson) moseys on down to Dumb People Town. The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk discuss Doug's new show, The High Court.

Story #1, a man is dumbfounded that the community doesn't appreciate when he brings his pets to the park. 

In Story #2, a Grindr date is broken up. 

In Story #3 a record is broken that may make you lose your appetite for Cadbury Creme eggs. Ira Glass leaves a very informative voicemail...


 2017-04-25  56m

Andy Daly - Pressing Chubbs

This week, Review's Andy Daly makes the journey to Dumb People Town aboard an inflatable raft held together by duct tape. Along with The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk, Andy discusses Review's seminal episode, "Pancakes, Divorce, Pancakes," and Orson Welles. 

Story #1 brings us a man accused of practicing medicine without a license, and leads to impassioned discourse about circumcision. The group chats about Andy's disturbingly hilarious character, Don DiMello...


 2017-04-18  1h7m

Sam Richardson - That's A Good No-Call

 Sam Richardson (Detroiters, Veep) hang-glides down to Dumb People Town this week! The group explores Sam's Second City past, DVK's Elton John story, and discusses 

Story #1: a drunken assault at the Taco Villa. The four discuss Sam's new show Detroiters, as well as the city of Detroit. 

Story #2 is the tale of a high school math teacher who makes some poor choices on the road... on a school night...


 2017-04-11  1h8m

Dan Harmon - The Nissan Ring of Power

 This week, Feral Audio's own Dan Harmon (Harmontown, Rick and Morty) travels to Dumb People Town by way of a stolen rental car at 4AM! Dan tells The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk about how he mines material for his podcast. 

Story #1 involves a family who comes home to find a surprise on their couch. The group then discusses Rick and Morty's surprise Season 3 premiere drop on April Fool's Day, and the perils of the creative process...


 2017-04-04  1h20m

Aisha Tyler - Banned From Ouija

Archer's Aisha Tyler joins The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk this week for a quick weekend trip down to Dumb People Town! Aisha tells the guys about her distracted therapist, and they get into Story #1, in which a high school track team encounters a walk-...

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 2017-03-28  1h15m

Matt Walsh - Under The Turkish Bus

Veep's Matt Walsh is taking the bus to Dumb People Town this week, and we made sure to save him a spot underneath in the baggage storage area. Just until the next stop!

Story #1 -  Matt joins The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk to discuss the story of a drunken man who hijacked a bus in Georgia. The group shares their Turkish bus stories (pro tip: ask what the clear liquid is before you drink it) and they chat about HBO's "Veep...


 2017-03-21  1h25m

Dave Anthony & Gareth Reynolds - Garage Lemons

This week, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds of The Dollop pull over for a quick rest stop in Dumb People Town! Story #1 involves a drunken shower intruder. Dave and Gareth talk about what it's like to do their podcast live. Story #2 is the tale of a r...

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 2017-03-14  1h28m

Jamar Neighbors - Jesus, Take The Snake

 This week, Jamar Neighbors (Keanu) is along for the ride down to Dumb People Town! The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk talk to Jamar about the origins of The Comedy Store & Comedy Central's Roast Battle.  Jamar tells the DPT crew how Cedric The Entertainer encouraged him to be a comedian, how he landed his role in Keanu, and how he quit substitute teaching. 

Story #1,  a woman gets her pet stuck in her gauged earlobe...


 2017-03-07  1h16m

Jon Hamm - Bring In The Nerp

World-class actor Jon Hamm journeys on down to Dumb People Town!  The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk chat with Jon about goofing around on the set of Mad Men and his experience going to last year's World Series as a Cardinals fan. 

Story #1 involves the wrangling of a deer in a super market. Jon tells the tale of his only trip to model-filled Cleveland. The group discusses the Oscars SNAFU and dives into the Marisa Tomei Oscars incident of yesteryear...


 2017-02-28  1h21m

Adam Carolla - The Fin Don't Lie

Adam Carolla (The Adam Carolla Show) joins The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk on a journey down to Dumb People Town! Adam tells the guys about honing his ability to read people. The group then discusses Story #1, which involves a toilet snake (the venomous kind). After deliberating upon Joe Rogan's theory about killer whales and the merits of human dorsal fins, Story #2 emerges -- spoiler alert: it concerns an illicit cartwheel in choir class. Next, Adam regales a tale about stolen eclairs...


 2017-02-21  1h12m