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An improvised actual play podcast where 4 friends come together to tell tales of battling monsters, saving the world and build community.


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episode 77: s02e77 - A Homesick Feeling

Moot and Sully are shown Hardcastle's finest tavern by Zed and Zee before they investigate the mysterious screams that come in the night that seem to have everyone in the town on-edge or just confused. Sully pulls out more solid math. Moot was totally going to say that. Zed and Zee are feeling homesick.



episode 76: s02e76 - Are They Happy To See Us?

Thia, Yenbul and Tulgir have made it to Luskan and it's as they expected, but not as they hoped. The group hears cries for help and sets to work to track down the Arcane Brotherhood. Thia is here for motivational support. Yenbul finds the boring way in. Tulgir waves it in the air.



episode 75: s02e75 - We're Here to See Mayor Baron

Moot and Sully make their way to Hardcastle ahead of Glim to try to figure out why their destiny has led them here. They are greeted by 2 steadfast guards Zed and Zee who have been given a mission that they will NOT falter from. Sully breaks down a tax return. Moot . Zed and Zee are helpful to all. Glim sets up a new Bahamaniac's branch.



episode 74: s02e74 - Darkness is Exhausting

Thia, Yenbul and Tulgir are finding it hard to take breaks on the road in the darkest timeline. Pain and exhaustion set in among the group as they near Luskan. Plus, we host our very first "sad stats" segment. Thia tries to keep her whimsy. Yenbul calls brings the fire. Tulgir cracks that crab.



episode 73: s02e73 - Spare Time Before Destiny Calls

Moot, Glim and Sully have spent a few weeks resting in Djerad Thymar. Some of our adventurers are getting a little antsy though and looking for a sign where their new direction will take them. Moot's buffet reputation precedes him. Sully is scared by the DeVito energy. Glim receives a new direction.


 2021-02-03  49m

episode 72: s02e72 - The Road (to Luskan)

The road is f**kin' hard, The road is f**kin' tough, There's no question that... It is rough, rough stuff. But when we're figurin' out our friends it's the only road that we know. Try to stop for a bit of sleep and things might eat your toes! It's the road, road, road! Thia offers owl rides. Yenbul is full of surprises. Tulgir (aka Brightrod).


 2021-01-27  49m

episode 71: s02e71 - When You Shop There, You're Zmart!

It's a shopping episode, baby! Moot, Glim and Sully are spending their hard earned dollars at the new Djerad Thymar "Z Mart" before they head back out on the road. They make new friends and set up lay-a-ways while also trying to find out what to do next. Join us at Patreon.com/DumbDragonCast to help stock the shelves of Z-Mart with your item submissions. Moot gets caught dark vision shaming. Glim hangs out behind the beaded curtain. Sully contemplates higher education.


 2021-01-20  53m

episode 70: s02e70 - Mission Breakdown

With the Decimators of Dragons back on scene, the Resistance tries to pull off an infiltration mission. What's the worst that could happen at Castle Orcus? Flint screams. Thia asks WWFD. Yenbul reconnects. CW: Graphic Violence, Fear and Horror themes.


 2021-01-13  58m

episode 69: s02e69 - That Dripping Honeypot

In this, the 69th episode - Moot, Glim and Sully have been recruited by Prof. Doctor Smith - and now realize what they must do to get the prized dripping Hell Wasp Honey into that Honey Pot as sneakily as possible before being noti... oh... too late. Moot splashes into action. Glim gets those Hell Wasps fit! Sully doesn't want to do this. Prof. Doctor Smith don't give a fuck.


 2021-01-06  1h13m

Jingle Jangle All The Way - Holiday Bonus Episode

Moot, Glim and Sully wish you a Happy Winter Solstice. Enjoy this bonus episode! New episodes return on January 6/2021.


 2020-12-23  50m