Dumbgeons & Dragons

An improvised actual play podcast where 4 friends come together to tell tales of battling monsters, saving the world and build community.


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episode 108: s02e108 - Symptoms of Time Travel May Include

The groups gather for an extended council session!! Planning, questions, throwback to season 01 council sessions bay-bee! Plans are laid out, and there are so many questions about time travel paradoxes. Thia establishes how questions are asked to a god. Tulgir props up the old guy. Opal gets the drinks. Glim gets mentioned out by the teacher. Moot is sad there's no snacks. (Also if details changed from episode 106 to 108... we apologize....



episode 107: s02e107 - Always Naked

**STICK AROUND TO THE END FOR AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT... AND BLOOPS!** Our heroes having been bamboozled have been moved to ANOTHER location and locked away behind bars as Gnandpa Gnine, Professor Smart Monkey and the rest of B.A.L.L.S. collect what's coming to them from L.I.C.K. Moot turns up the heat. Glim learns about stranger danger. Sully can only get half of them out. Gnandpa Gnine is ready to quit f***in' around...



It's time for 'Realms of Peril & Glory'!

** Content Warning at Bottom of Show Notes** Welcome to the City of New Harbour, the shining metropolis of Vael, home to magic, monsters and machines! Join Maerydyth Wynvere, Isadora Ravenwood, Torbrennan and Zongroff Gral'Shaak as they journey through the city and uncover the threads of a supernatural mystery! GM: Zachary Fortais-Gomm NPC Voices & Music: James Barbarossa Isadora: Maddy Searle Zongroff: Elizabeth Campbell Maerydyth: L C Girling Torbrennan: Pip Gladwin System: 13th Age Content...



The Dumb-est Holiday Crossover

This holiday season, all will be merry and bright as the dumb-est Canadian actual play podcasts Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons and Dumbgeons & Dragons come together to join in the revelries of the season in hopes to save Christmas for everyone! LISTEN TO PART 01 HERE: https://link.chtbl.com/dumbdumbsanddragons?sid=xmascrossover In this part 2, our heroes must quickly pick themselves up and hunt down the ancient holiday relics in order to stop the evil Hans Krampus from fulfilling his Christmas wish...



episode 106: s02e106 - A Fanta For Bahamut

With Bahamut stirring, it could mean that answers are on the way. It could also mean that things are about to get a little more confusing. Also, how do you talk to a god?! Sully can't even fathom some of the changes. Moot records the plan. Opal needs a baby sitter. Glim confesses everything...


 2021-12-16  53m

episode 105: s02e105 - The Prophecies are a Little Vague

An overturned fruit stand and a bad omen bring Moot, Glim and Sully into the path of some interesting and mysterious agents and an even more mysterious organization who claim to have a direction for our heroes. Moot's unsure where his pencils come from... Glim finishes one more rep. Sully only relates to buffet references. Gnandpa Gnine lays some prophetic truth bombs on the table.


 2021-12-08  1h7m

episode 104: s02e104 - Meet the Locals

All the teams are getting their first breath of relief and experiencing the first actual rest in a long time as they explore the island of Maztica. Questions are raised about the state of Bahamut and Destinies Children meet with the eccentric ruler. Thia has an interesting theory about Glim. Tulgir wants those pancakes! The Destinies Children find themselves in need of a task.


 2021-12-02  1h3m

episode 103: s02e103 - Boom Boots

It's time to interrogate a suspect! Or... dodge bombs that suspect is throwing out of the top story window. It's all in the line of work for a good investigator though, which is what Moot, Glim and Sully are!... Obviously! Moot reveals his favourite explosion. Glim takes point on this mystery. Sully is good at Dex.. c'mon Russ! Terry writes up a citation.


 2021-11-24  1h2m

episode 102: s02e102 - Let's Get Kraken!

We get real crunchy D&D as MOST of the adventuring party sent outside of the submarine to face down the undead Kraken, Sully tells stories and Flamikins finds ways to make light of the darkest timeline. Thia does big magic. Yenbul is Moses? Tulgir is an opportunist. Moot slows things down. Glim contemplates fire breath... in a fish bowl. Sully plays the age guessing game...


 2021-11-18  1h4m

s02e101 - Gotta Go Downstairs

The Destiny's Children are making a name for themselves in Darromar, which brings them into an explosive investigation at a local magic shop. Terry leads the crew around town meeting some of the locals as they try to track down a suspect. Moot mixes up his T's and J's a lot. Glim makes sure everyone is waffled up. Sully takes notes on cool. Terry achieves "Sexy Goblin Status".


 2021-11-10  1h2m