Dumbgeons & Dragons

An improvised actual play podcast where 4 friends come together to tell tales of battling monsters, saving the world and build community.


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episode 88: s02e88 - The Darkest Timeline Begins

We connect the dots and travel BACK... to the future... wait... We see the beginning of the Darkest Timeline and the inciting incidents under the rule of Orcus. Vorunax and Lipsinki bring about the end of pain and suffering across the material plane as we witness key moments in the overthrowing of the world. CW: Graphic Violence, Fear and Horror themes...



episode 87: s02e87 - Swappin' The Poop Deck

Sailing the high seas - The Children of Destiny learn SO much about boat life that before the adventure barely begins they feel like they've gained a whole wealth of knowledge. Which is really great, because Captain Dorbin has made many... friends... on the afore mentioned seas. Moot worries about the peek-a-boo surprise. Glim doesn't know the Muppets. Sully's swapped poop in his day...



episode 86: s02e86 - Lost in the Astral Plane

The group makes a hard choice, save Flint or save the world. They receive a history lesson from the Arcane Brotherhood that sheds light on the refuge that is Icewind Dale. Thia's just holding it together. Yenbul threatens to quit the podcast. Tulgir worries about when he should eat. Agathe wonders about the bathroom...



Dumbgeons: Behind The Screen presented by AWeber

We rarely get to see what's behind the DM's screen, so this week Russ shares all with Fable and Folly founder Sean Howard in a conversation that includes untold stories from the early days of Dumbgeons & Dragons, as well as growing the business of Dumb Dragons Productions and strategies Russ uses to help interact with a growing audience. Sean's shows include the award-winning Alba Salix, The End of Time and Other Bothers, The Axe and Crown, Civilized, and more. Find him @ www.fableandfolly...



episode 85: s02e85 - A Family Intervention

Off to meet King Borwyn of Arrabar, the team is trying to find a new way to open familial relations WITHOUT having to go on an epic pirate adventure... the note writer isn't bitter about this at all. ;) Moot wonders if maybe the plan DID work. Glim exercises everything she knows about IP law. Sully contemplates mortality at sea...


 2021-05-12  51m

Presenting: The Gloom

Introducing THE GLOOM, a new scripted horror podcast from Violet Hour Media. An investigative journalist uncovers clues surrounding a decades-old cold case, where she eventually learns the horrifying truth about a systematic cover-up tied to her own past. Starring Lanett Tachel, Tobin Bell (Saw franchise). Series premieres May 10th. Subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. https://www.violethourmedia.com/the-gloom


 2021-05-10  30m

episode 84: s02e84 - Operation: Save The Horse

Operation: Save The Horse commences and our heroes must make their way through this rainbow curtain while avoiding the undead horde following in behind them. Thia is unnecessarily dangerous. Yenbul makes big decisions. Tulgir moves for parlay. Agathe's the leader now.


 2021-05-05  59m

episode 83: s02e83 - Plans Second Guessed

The team arrives in the town of Arrabar with their pirate wares purchased from the Zed Mart in hand. As they look amongst themselves, they have second thoughts about their original plan as the high of Wimryn's energy fades. Moot is looking for ribs. Glim has a potty mouth. Sully doesn't appreciate Moot's sarcasm.


 2021-04-28  53m

episode 82: s02e82 - Godlost

As the trio of Thia, yenbul and Tulgir pack their things to head off towards Icewind Dale, they hear a knock at the door presenting them with an interesting encounter and some world-rocking information. Thia shares Don E.'s crackers. Yenbul flies like Jesus. Tulgir forgot to mention. Agathe drops some real world truth bombs.


 2021-04-21  59m

Presenting: Orphan Black

Orphan Black: The Next Chapter Starring Emmy award-winning actress Tatiana Maslany, Realm presents the official continuation of the... MORE Season 1 narrated by Tatiana Maslany and written by Malka Older, Madeline Ashby, Mishell Baker, Heli Kennedy, E.C. Myers, and Lindsay Smith. ------------------ Follow Orphan Black: The Next Chapter wherever you listen to podcasts. Visit: https://www.realm.fm/shows/orphan-black - - - - - - - - - - Find and support our sponsors at: fableandfolly.com/partners


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