Dumbgeons & Dragons

An improvised actual play podcast where 4 friends come together to tell tales of battling monsters, saving the world and build community.


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episode 57: s02e57 - Without a Trace

Floor Is Lava (Keith Ammann) returns this week to sneak our adventurers out of the frying pan that's in the proverbial kitchen of Saerloon. It's a long a silent hop across the rooftops as the group dodges Helms and sentries throughout the city. Just a minute... Moot has to think about it. Glim doesn't want to go first. Sully lives the picking lifestyle.



episode 56: s02e56 - Cherry on the Garbage Sundae

In order to proceed through Shangalar's pyramid and release the beholder, the group must get their hands dirty while negotiating with the impatient pair of Otyughs. The group also stumbles across an unexpected resident of the pyramid lair. Flint's quiet contemplation pays off in knowledge. Thia passes the time like a child. Yenbul is no line budge-er.



Summer Vacation: The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles - S02E08 - Eat Sh*t or Die

Dumbgeons & Dragons Summer Vacation is wrapping up soon with new episodes returning September 9/2020! Join Sully as he intices Moot away from the library in the mountains to join him on a hike while listening to The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles from our friend Ann Sloan!



Summer Vacation: Marsfall - S01E01 - Chapter 1 - Jacki

Dumbgeons & Dragons is on Summer Vacation with new episodes returning September 9/2020! In the meantime, join Yenbul and Flint as they take some time out of their quest aboard Shangalar's pyramid to explore the most magical place they can find while listening to our friends from Marsfall.



Summer Vacation: Moonbase Theta, Out - Season 01/02 Compilation

Dumbgeons & Dragons is on Summer Vacation with new episodes returning September 9/2020! In the meantime, join Flamikins has found a stowaway aboard her pirate ship who introduces her to a new show Moonbase Theta, Out from our friends at Monkeyman Productions


 2020-08-19  15m

Summer Vacation: We Fix Space Junk - S01E01 - Escape From Hargan IV

Dumbgeons & Dragons is on Summer Vacation with new episodes returning September 9/2020! In the meantime, join Glim and Hilop on their work vacation getaway and enjoy the first episode of We Fix Space Junk from our friends at Battle Bird Productions.


 2020-08-12  16m

episode 55: s02e55 - Up on the Rooftop

Shoe's new friends are in some hot water... AGAIN! But he knows a cool customer (Keith Ammann) who can sneak them out of Saerloon in a flash... as long as everyone can stay quiet. Moot learns SO much. Glim goes head over heels. Sully remembers the plan.


 2020-08-05  1h0m

episode 54: s02e54 - Behold! A Quest in Garbage Town

Flint, Thia, Yenbul and Mannix cautiously move forward where they meet an interesting creature in the darkness, with a proposition that could help them both. Flint quiet contemplation pays off in knowledge. Thia runs the negotiations. Yenbul doesn't trudge through filth.


 2020-07-29  1h4m

episode 53: s02e53 - A Seaside Sneak

Shoe's Crew makes their move to sneak aboard the Golden Dragon to procure Shirma's wares. One thing the group finds helpful in a heist, is knowing descriptions of what they're looking for. Slim thinks quick with an unexpected guest. Tully finds some big jugs. Boot knows his herbs.


 2020-07-22  58m

episode 52: s02e52 - Ride the Wave

Yenbul and Mannix scramble to get their footing as Thia takes on the unknown monster in the pool head as the group decides what the best course of action will be as they work their way through Shangalar's fortress. Flint loses to water. Thia Flipper dives. Yenbul gets left at the pool.


 2020-07-15  55m