Dumbgeons & Dragons: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

An improvised actual play podcast where 4 best friends come together to tell tales of battling monsters, saving the world and build community.


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episode 143: s02e143 - Into the Meat Hole

Team Abyss has made it to Orcus's home and they are met by a River Styx welcome committee... of one. It doesn't take long for the entire welcome wagon to come rolling through town as they are prone to smell fresh meat. Nighthunter charges a bull... bison? Something gross. Sounds like Flint's Saturday. Lipsinki has a thought. Vorunax has the lay of the land. Grancis is allowed to monologue...



episode 142: s02e142 - Bad Vibes in Pazunia

Having been dive-bombed by devil birds, Team Abyss finds some of their members in a bit of a predicament in the Plane of a Thousand Portals, Pazunia. It's up to the entire team to break them out so they can all make it, as unharmed as possible, to the Abyss. Nighthunter is only somewhat concerned about breaking bones. Grancis is a reliable interpreter. Vorunax rushes in! Thia likes to get up close and personal. Lipsinki goes ham-ster...



episode 141: s02e141 - How Long Do Rivers Go?

Needing to find their way down the River Styx, Team Abyss makes their way dockside and finds an open ferryman, Dense, who is following the gig economy and open to take their fare! However, no trip down the River Styx is without its struggles and it appears in their short time, we've already made some enemies. Vorunax and Lipsinki know when they can use their skills. Thia casts 4th level Scat...



episode 140: s02e140 - A Dumbgeons Christmas Carol

Welcome to this season's Holiday Special Presentation of A Dumbgeons Christmas Carol. All of your favourite adventurers are in the festive season to put on a community theatre adaptation of the Charles Dickens original. Special guests join us in droves to support the play that see's Ebenezer Scrooge, obsessed with solitude and greed, collides in a nightmare with his own youth and his lost love...


 2022-12-21  1h5m

episode 139: s02e139 - Gifts From Tiamat

Gathered around the fire, our adventurers reminisce of simpler times before their new bestie, Tiamat, bestows them with other worldly gifts and powers that COULD help them in their fight against Orcus. Sully meets the prerequisites. Glim wrote an essay once. Agathe has been known to flail. Moot scores a sweet kitchen utensil. Flamikins just scores...


 2022-12-01  56m

episode 138: s02e138 - Eat, Pray, Die

Bahamut must've had a plan, right? Because our adventurers are completely unprepared as they find themselves face to face with the Queen of the Chromatic Dragons. Destinies Children unpack a lot of things that they didn't expect Sully has some explaining to do. Flamikins reevaluates her goals. Glim feels a little awkward about her position. Moot tries to be truthful. Agathe blames everything on gravity...


 2022-11-25  57m

Hunt for the Florida Man with Dungeons & Drimbus!

A rag tag group goes on a hunt for notorious criminal/creature/mystic being: the elusive Florida Man. Follow Miami girl Adnama, snowbird David Feinstein, central Floridian conspiracy theorist Cleetus, and his pet gator Steve on the hunt of the century. Don't forget to tweet using #drimbus to be entered for a chance to win a Dungeons & Drimbus sticker! Support Us Visit Our Website: drimbus.com Support Us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/drimbus Buy us a Coffee: https://ko-fi...


 2022-11-16  47m

A Patreon Peek - The Adventures of... Interns and Wedding Ceremonies

Kickin' into high gear as we launch into Season 04 of "The Adventures Of..". We find out what Ealia, Nighthunter and Opal have been up to in their downtime, and some things were not run by all employees of the main office! Ealia is unimpressed about being paralyzed. Nighthunter forgot to bring a gift. Opal deals with squatters...


 2022-11-10  53m

episode 137: s02e137 - Grand Theft War Machine

Following Smiler's lead, the team makes a move to procure a war machine. We learn a lot about the teams skills that make surprises near impossible. But you know what they say about trusting a maniac in hell... don't! Vorunax hands out blessings. Lipsinki is a terminator? Grancis solves for problems that don't exist. Thia doesn't get the BOW-nus. Flint goes for Benihana...


 2022-11-04  58m

episode 136: s02e136 - Welcome to Hell

Immediately spinning a teleporting ring and making your way into Hell seemed like a great idea at the time! Team Abyss takes their first directionless steps into Avernus and try to navigate the landscape on their journey to the Abyss. Along the way the run into an interesting person who has made Avernus their own. We also find out the boundaries for mayhem and destruction. Vorunax complains about the heat. Lipsinki brought the bug zapper. Flint gets some scab skin. Thia packed snacks...


 2022-10-28  1h5m