Dungeons and Doritos

Embark on mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quests for wealth, honor, and crunchy corn chips! Dungeons & Doritos is the classic RPG audio drama that brings tabletop gaming to life with cinematic sound effects and score. Join Jamela the dragonborn, Chair the dwarf that used to be furniture, Vimak the goliath, Jen’Ifer the tiefling, Barty the roguish performer, and Lefty the pirate queen as they get saucy with gods, haggle with horrors, surf through hell, and scarf down innumerable triangular snacks.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h37m. Bisher sind 58 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle 2 Monate erscheint eine Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 3 days 11 hours 30 minutes


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Book I :: Chapter 7 :: Foul Deeds At Cool Ranch

Welcome back, weary traveler, to the flavor-dusted land of Doritodonia. CHAIR, Vimak, and Jamela have gone through some strange and harrowing adventures on their way to reunite with their waylaid and sulfurous companion, Jen’Ifer, but at long last, Coo...


 2010-08-03  1h34m

Book I :: Chapter 6 :: The Labrador And The Laboratory

Welcome, fearless listener, to the sixth edition of Dungeons & Doritos! Ye who have been clamoring for more dusty deliciousness have been duly rewarded for your patience, for this month ye have not one but TWO episodes of peril and adventure! DOUBL...


 2010-06-26  1h44m

Book I :: Chapter 5 :: Birdbath

Journey once more with CHAIR, Vimak, Jamalla and Jen’Ifer on their questionable travels for riches, renown and… other stuff. After their confrontation with the Maze of Mischief, the band of miscreants finds that their favorite Tiefling has gone off, le...


 2010-06-17  1h42m

Book I :: Chapter 4 :: Midday In The Maze Of Mischief

What’s this? Vimak is missing!! Without their moral compass, can CHAIR, Jamela, and Jen’Ifer come together and work as a team to find him? Even when it means going toe-to-mythical-toe with a brand new pantheon of deities who seem to not only have taken...


 2010-02-26  1h48m

Book I :: Chapter 3.5 :: Do They Know It's Crunchmas?

Merry Crunchmas! What? You don’t know what Crunchmas is? Oh, you poor dear. Why, Crunchmas is the happiest, and most delicious time of the year! But you know, there’s a little man named Chair who doesn’t know what Crunchmas is either. And on this fine ...


 2009-12-25  5m

Book I :: Chapter 3 :: The Quest for the Erotic Pangolin [Remastered]

The party encounters a sacked caravan of performers missing a peculiar prized possession: a pangolin. Now, a normal pangolin would be odd enough - they're basically tree-dwelling anteaters with razor sharp armor - but this is the EROTIC Pangolin; ...


 2009-12-18  1h44m

Book I :: Chapter 2 :: Rollin' Deep in the Dragon's Keep [Remastered]

Jen’Ifer, Vimak, Chair, and Jamela’s quest deep within the local Doritos mines concludes! After fierce battles with shifty foes we come face-to-face with the fiendish White Dragon and her elite kobold cohorts. But the party is coming unglued – especial...


 2009-11-18  1h45m

Book I :: Chapter 1 :: Dungeons & Doritos [Remastered]

The debut adventure of Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos, is back and better than ever! Journey to the magical land of Doritodonia, and embark on a mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quest for wealth, honor, and crunchy corn chips!...


 2009-10-12  2h14m