Dungeons & Lesbians

MJ, Fallon, Roy, and Audrey have three things in common: they're lesbians, they frequently get intensely emotional about stupid fictional characters, and they just damn love tabletop RPGs. Join us as they battle the twin demons of a fictional fantasy universe, and the mere notion of recording a podcast for the first time in any of their lives, wow, they'll just let anyone do this, huh?



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Dungeons & Lesbians 3: White Sands Part 1

The gang infiltrates a top secret facility; it goes approximately as well as you'd expect it to. Nephros beefs it. Railen doesn't.  


 2017-05-02  1h9m

Dungeons & Lesbians 2: Desert Flowers

Meryl, Railen, Nephros, and Fishgirl get to know each other a little bit better as they start their quest to restore The Pulse. Nephros lives his aesthetic truth. Fishgirl faces her fears... Sort of. Everyone beefs some important skill checks...


 2017-04-18  1h25m

Dungeons & Lesbians 1: The Will-o-Wisp

In the pilot episode of Dungeons and Lesbians, our player characters - Meryl, played by Roy; Railen, played by Audrey; Nephros, played by Fallon; and Fishgirl, played by Bec - find themselves in the muddy heart of a mysterious bayou village. Nobody...


 2017-04-04  1h27m