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True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes a new podcast that delivers fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.


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episode 2: Climate Heroes - Biking in Spain

When primary school teacher Helena Vilardell’s students told her they wanted to ride their bikes to school, she came up with the idea of the “bicibús.” It quickly took off as a movement to take back the streets, helping create a cleaner...


 2022-06-16  19m

episode 1: Climate Heroes - Saving Food in Uruguay

A college student in Uruguay finds a way to salvage food that would otherwise be thrown away. With the help of friends, he manages to not only provide healthier food options for vulnerable communities, but also fight climate change. A transcript of...


 2022-06-09  18m

Trailer Season 15

The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back for a special season, with new episodes on June 9th. Listen to the trailer now!


 2022-06-02  1m

episode 8: Costumbres - Casitas in the Bronx

Leonor Torres finds a sense of community and a way to preserve customs from Puerto Rico at El Flamboyan garden and its casita in the Bronx, but it almost get destroyed. A transcript of this episode is available at podcast.duolingo.com.


 2022-04-21  20m

episode 7: Costumbres - Chapitas in Venezuela

Growing up in Venezuela, Gyorgy Aponte played a makeshift version of baseball, “chapitas,” using bottle caps and a broom. With his family and baseball buddies dispersed around the world, he decides to pass on the custom to his son in Canada.


 2022-04-14  19m

episode 6: Costumbres - Quinceañeras in the U.S.

As the daughter of recent immigrants from Ecuador, Francis Gortaire didn’t get to have a traditional quinceañera when she turned 15. But, for her 30th birthday, she decided to host the quinceañera she never had and shared an important announcement...


 2022-03-31  21m

episode 5: Costumbres - La once in Chile

Journalist Kalú Downey and her friend worried that Chilean teatime known as “la once” was fading, so they launched a social media project to celebrate it, only to discover deeper meanings behind the custom. A transcript of this episode is...


 2022-03-31  21m

episode 4: Costumbres - Piñatas in Mexico

Julián Meconetzin Rangel Sosa learned how to craft piñatas when he was a kid. So when he launched his own business, he also taught children in schools how to make them, passing the custom onto the next generation. A transcript of this episode is...


 2022-03-24  19m

episode 3: Costumbres - Asadoras in Argentina

An asadora — a woman grill master — in Argentina breaks into the male-dominated field of barbecuing, creating an entire movement. We'd love to hear from you! Please take our audience survey at this link . A transcript of this episode is...


 2022-03-17  21m

episode 2: Costumbres - Monigotes in Ecuador

In Quito, entrepreneur Paúl Mendez updates his community’s New Year’s custom — burning effigies, or monigotes — to make it healthier for the environment. A transcript of this episode is available at podcast.duolingo.com.


 2022-03-10  16m