Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQIA Podcast for Everyone!

Hosted by New York City-based comedians Carolyn Bergier & Melody Kamali, Dyking Out is a podcast about lesbian / queer life, news, and pop culture. Each week, Carolyn and Melody invite a special guest (comedians, musicians, actors, crushes) to dyke out with them about a topic that's relevant to the LGBTQIA world. But really, it's just another way to advance the gay agenda.


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"Not Being Near Men" w/ Casey Jane Ellison

Dykes just wanna have fun, and here to tell us all about it is herlarious comedian, performer, and artist Casey Jane Ellison! It's hard to put into words what makes being a lesbian so dang fun, but that didn't stop us from trying! Is it the sex? The freedom from the male gaze? Underwater waterfalls? THE SEX? Is every commercial featuring a person slo-mo running through a field just an ad for lesbianism? Maybe it is, MAYBE IT IS, Plus, Carolyn and Melody reluctantly make New Year's Resolutions,...



"Don't F*ck In Our Bathroom" w/ Jo McDaniel

Our hearts are heavy with the tragedy at Club Q in Colorado Springs. We can't speak highly enough of all the rad humans who work tirelessly to create and maintain queer spaces, so this week we're re-releasing our episode with Jo McDaniel. Since recording this episode, Jo and her partner Rach/Coach have opened As You Are Bar in DC, so please go visit, tip generously, and keep your hands where Jo can see them. Believe it or not, we can't talk enough about saving our dyke spaces...



"Allies Queef, Accomplices Squirt" w/ Amber Hikes

Show up for this episode, and you might just learn how to better show up for those who could use your accompliceship. Activist Amber Hikes joins us for a thoughtful and fun conversation about how we can make our respective privilege work for others. What's the difference between an ally and an accomplice? And how do we know who we should be listening to for guidance? Plus, what does calling someone in have to do with food stuck in teeth? Also, Melody FINALLY comes around on flags...



"Accent Fingers" w/ Molly Kearney

Revisiting our episode with Molly Kearney now that they've joined the cast of SNL!



"Centering Joy" w/ Precious Brady-Davis

Activist, speaker, and author Precious Brady-Davis joins us to share the life lessons she's learned about living authentically, as told in her memoir, I Have Always Been Me.


 2022-11-01  1h25m

"The L Word Takes Manhattan" w/ Jenna Lyons (re-release)

This was the night we set the 'Jenna Lyons on RHONY' train into motion


 2022-10-25  1h18m

"Four Negroni Sbagliatos" w/ Karensa Cadenas

Feeling fine after a night of four meme-inspired drinks, Editorial Director Karena Cadenas (New York Magazine) joins us to talk about sapphic TV, bisexual signaling, and dating.


 2022-10-18  1h14m

"Rabbit Syphilis" w/ Maddie Wiener

Did we convince comedian Maddie Wiener (Comedy Central) to unplug and move to the country on this week's episode?


 2022-10-11  1h14m

"Lesbian TikTok Drama" w/ Kendall Payne

Is it possible for us to have comedian & filmmaker Kendall Payne on the podcast and NOT talk murder?


 2022-10-04  1h19m

episode 255: "Conflict Is Not Abuse" w/ Becca Blackwell

This episode is everything and nothing, because that's where we always end up when discussing labels. But to us, it's actually everything because we're d*king out with the hilarious and entertaining Becca Blackwell (High Maintenance on HBO)!


 2022-09-28  1h33m