Dyking Out - a Lesbian and LGBTQIA Podcast for Everyone!

Hosted by New York City-based comedians Carolyn Bergier & Melody Kamali, Dyking Out is a podcast about lesbian / queer life, news, and pop culture. Each week, Carolyn and Melody invite a special guest (comedians, musicians, actors, crushes) to dyke out with them about a topic that's relevant to the LGBTQIA world. But really, it's just another way to advance the gay agenda.


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episode 41: Gaysians w/ Diane Chen - Ep. 41

Actor, Director, Performer, and notable Gaysian Diane Chen dykes out with us about…well…Gaysians! After hearing Diane speak on several panels at Clexacon, we knew she’d be a gaymazing guest, and she delivered!


 2018-06-26  1h16m

episode 42: Comics w/ Vita Ayala - Ep. 42, Part 1

Holy podcast batman! Comic book writer Vita Ayala joins us for our first two part episode where we dyke out about – you guessed it – comics! Vita has written for DC comics, Black Mask Studios, Vault Comics, and Valiant Comics,


 2018-07-03  1h3m

episode 43: Comics Pt. 2 w/ Vita Ayala - Ep. 43

And were back! Jet lag and time zones are the villains in this late-arriving second half of our Comics episode. Where did we leave off? Comic book writer Vita Ayala (DC comics, Black Mask Studios, Vault Comics,


 2018-07-12  1h11m

episode 44: Homoground w/ Lynn Casper - Ep. 44

Lynn Casper, curator of queer indie music and founder/producer of Homoground, joins us to dyke out about how her popular and longstanding internet-radio-show-turned-podcast came to be. What’s different about music made by queer musicians?


 2018-07-24  1h14m

episode 45: Raised By Gay Moms w/ Lucas Connolly - ep. 45

Comedian Lucas Connolly (Seeso’s New York’s Funniest Comedians) has FOUR gay moms, so we overlooked his affiliation with the patriarchy to have him come on the show and dyke out about his upbringing. We knew Lucas had a lot of moms,


 2018-07-31  1h12m

episode 46: Money w/ Muna Mire - Ep. 46

It makes the world go round but often leaves us feeling flat. Writer and producer Muna Mire (CondeNast, Teen Vogue, The Rundown With Robin Thede) joins us to talk about the struggles of being a queer person trying to pursue a creative career.


 2018-08-07  1h15m

episode 47: Activism w/ Amy Siskind - Ep. 47

THE Amy Siskind (The New Agenda, The Weekly List) joins us to Dyke Out about activism in the face of an administration that’s worse than season 7 of The L Word (or Below Her Mouth which we discuss up top). Amy has been following and documenting the dai...


 2018-08-14  1h13m

episode 48: Summer w/ Nicole Pasquale - Ep. 48

Summer, the official season of the gays, is winding down, so Nicole Pasquale (UCB, Woke AF) stopped by to dyke out about the good, the bad, and the disgustingly humid parts of these few months. Plus, Nicole shares the magical details of a witchy getawa...


 2018-08-21  1h8m

episode 49: U-Hauling w/ Sophie Santos - Ep. 49

Comedian, writer, and actress Sophie Santos (UCB, The Lesbian Agenda, Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical) joins us to talk about the answer to the classic setup, “What does a lesbian bring to a second date?” Hint: It’s not a dental dam.


 2018-08-28  1h17m

episode 50: Divorce w/ Tara Clancy- Ep. 50

For our 50th episode, the incredible Tara Clancy (NYT, NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, The Moth) joined us to talk about Carolyn’s favorite topic: Divorce! Okay, maybe it’s not her favorite topic, but it was nice to have another divorced dyke to commise...


 2018-09-04  1h11m