Ear Biscuits

Join Rhett and Link, hosts of the popular daily YouTube show Good Mythical Morning and authors of the New York Times bestseller “Book of Mythicality” in a candid weekly conversation for your Internetainment.


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Ep. 57 Josh Sundquist - Ear Biscuits

Paralympian, Bestselling author, and YouTube personality, Josh Sundquist, joins Rhett & Link this week to discuss how his battle with cancer at age nine and subsequent loss of his leg has impacted the way he lives his life, the importance he places on traveling around the world as a motivational speaker, the deeper meaning behind his new book "We Should Hang Out Sometime," and why his unique halloween costumes have "won the Internet." Ear Biscuits Survey: www.podsurvey.com/biscuits


 2015-02-20  1h14m

Ep. 56 DeStorm Power - Ear Biscuits

Musician, Comedian, Entertainer, YouTube personality, Viner, and all around Renaissance man, DeStorm Power, sits down with Rhett & Link this week to talk about the hardships associated with growing up in poverty in the Baltimore projects, living in the New York City subway system to follow his dreams in the music industry, how a gig as a personal trainer led to a successful career on YouTube, and why his Vine status allows him unprecedented access to a world that the majority of us never get to...


 2015-02-13  1h6m

Ep. 55 Lee Newton - Ear Biscuits

Co-host of popular news-based YouTube channel, Sourcefed, Lee Newton, joins Rhett & Link this week to discuss how a joke led to landing a spot in the Maxim Top 100, her lifetime struggle with potentially fatal heart-related health issues, and what happened when she completely and totally embarrassed herself in the middle of a Target.


 2015-02-06  1h5m

Ep. 54 Rainn Wilson - Ear Biscuits

SoulPancake Co-Founder and star of 'The Office,' Rainn Wilson, joins Rhett & Link this week to discuss how he prepared for his dramatic role on his new FOX show, 'Backstrom,' his adolescent struggle with and current devotion to his Baha'i faith, and his personal collection of animals including a zonkey (donkey-zebra hybrid)named Derek. *NOTE: This conversation contains adult themes and language.


 2015-01-30  1h9m

Ep. 53 PewDiePie - Ear Biscuits

The voice behind YouTube's most subscribed channel, Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, sits down with Rhett & Link this week to talk about his previous jobs flipping burgers and directing boats to dock, meeting his girlfriend online and their awkward first IRL meeting, the path that led to becoming number one, and dealing with the pressure of staying there.


 2014-10-10  1h16m

Ep. 52 Grace Helbig Pt. 2 - Ear Biscuits

Our very first "Ear Biscuits" guest and leading female YouTube personality, Grace Helbig, is back at the round table of dim lighting one year later to talk with Rhett & Link about the long list of events, accomplishments, awards, and milestones that the past year has brought her including cutting ties with My Damn Channel and starting her own independent YouTube channel, starring in the feature film "Camp Takota," launching a #1 podcast "Not too Deep," and preparing for the release of her book,...


 2014-10-03  1h12m

Ep. 51 Matthew Santoro - Ear Biscuits

One of YouTube's rising stars and purveyor of Top 10 List videos, Matthew Santoro, sits down with Rhett & Link this week to talk about the staggering recent growth of his channel after gaining over 1.5 million subscribers in the summer of 2014 alone, how his life has changed virtually overnight from holding a job as an accountant to becoming a popular content creator, and his secrets to successfully navigating the highly competitive world of online entertainment.


 2014-09-26  1h15m

Ep. 50 Mitchell Davis- Ear Biscuits

Veteran YouTube vlogger and video artist, Mitchell Davis of LiveLavaLive, joins Rhett & Link this week to discuss weathering the perceived rejection of his mom at a young age, his bout with a paralyzing case of OCD, Facebooking the father that he never knew, and the challenges of balancing his YouTube career goals with his more artistic desires.


 2014-09-19  1h11m

Ep. 49 Rhett & Link "2014 Time Capsule" - Ear Biscuits

In this special Rhett & Link-only episode, the guys create a one-of-a-kind audio-only time capsule for 2014. The content, which is extremely "thorough," "accurate," and "objective," is specifically designed to listen to this week and every 10 years thereafter until the end of time.


 2014-09-12  1h3m

Ep. 48 Hank Green- Ear Biscuits

Hank Green, all-round Renaissance man and half of famed vlogging duo the Vlogbrothers, sits down with Rhett & Link this week to talk about the awkward circumstances surrounding meeting the love of his life, his personal take on sexuality, religion, and "nerdom," and the surprising way that he and his brother, John Green, have dealt with John's mainstream success with "The Fault In Our Stars."


 2014-09-05  1h13m