Ear Hustle

Ear Hustle brings you the daily realities of life inside prison shared by those living it, and stories from the outside, post-incarceration. The podcast is a partnership between Nigel Poor, a Bay Area visual artist, and Earlonne Woods, formerly incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and was co-founded with former San Quentin resident Antwan Williams. The Ear Hustle team works in the San Francisco Bay Area, both in San Quentin State Prison’s media lab and from offices on the outside, to produce stories that are sometimes difficult, often funny and always honest. Episodes offer a nuanced view of people involved with the American prison system and those reintegrating into society after serving time.


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episode 8: The Bells

Stories from the COVID outbreak in California’s prisons


 2020-12-23  1h0m

episode 7: The Trail

In the wake of a violent crime, a perpetrator and victim ask what accountability and survival really look like.


 2020-12-09  52m

episode 6: Crew No. 7

In the middle of California’s worst fire season on record, we meet a few formerly incarcerated people training to become firefighters.


 2020-11-25  45m

episode 5: On Stage in Chicago

Nigel and Earlonne sit down with 1A’s Jenn White and WBEZ for one of our favorite on-stage events ever.


 2020-11-11  1h35m

episode 4: Are You Listening?

When a parent is incarcerated, the relationship with their kid is changed forever.


 2020-10-21  44m

episode 3: The Great Ear Hustle Cook Off

Four formerly-incarcerated contestants put their cooking skills to the test.


 2020-10-07  45m

episode 2: The Christmas Boxes

Stories about the things you keep with you in prison and the stuff you leave behind


 2020-09-23  52m

episode 1: The Gray Goose

Stories from when you’re locked up and on the road.


 2020-09-09  51m

episode 9: Ear Hustle Extra: Summer Listening

Ear Hustle isn’t the only podcast out there telling stories of life in prison and post-incarceration.


 2020-07-22  33m

episode 8: Nobody Comes Back

Some people walk out of prison and straight into a whole new type of incarceration.


 2020-06-10  56m