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Promoting conservation in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's Yawri Bay is a crucial stopover for thousands of migratory birds and home to more than 40 local bird species. Birdwatching clubs in the region help scientists monitor bird populations in hard-to-reach locations.


 2023-04-18  4m

Sharing Ramadan meals in sustainable packaging

During Ramadan, volunteers in the Egyptian city of Alexandria prepare and distribute meals to those in need. Generally packaged in plastic, one man got tired of seeing the mounds of waste grow.


 2023-04-17  2m

Setting up self-sufficient schools in Tunisia

The Wallah We Can project in Tunisia is transforming public schools into social enterprises. The Makthar school is energy self-sufficient and a farm provides students with free meals. It's improving the prospects for both the kids and their parents.


 2023-03-20  5m

Heating with Tunisian olive oil harvest waste

Tunisia is one of the biggest olive oil producers in the world. Now one company has found a way to use the considerable leftover biomass from making the oil by turning it into heating briquettes.


 2023-03-09  2m

Dealing with the influx of second-hand clothing

Ghana is a leading dumpsite for rejected fast fashion clothing. Millions of items show up every week, and then 40 percent is simply discarded. Some designers and activists are getting creative to upcycle this material, creating value and jobs while reducing its environmental impact.


 2023-03-07  5m

Saving South African sharks scientifically

South Africa is using a wide range of hi-tech methods and education programs to help observe and protect the over 200 species of shark that live in its oceans. Go along for a deep dive.


 2023-03-07  4m

Coffee and climate resilience in Uganda

A project is helping farmers adapt agroforestry for growing coffee beans in a sustainable eco-friendly way. The hope is to increase coffee production without chemicals while keeping the soil healthy and fertile for the future.


 2023-02-16  5m

Turning trash into treasure with an app

A Nigerian mobile app called Trashcoin connects waste producers to recyclers in real time. Plus it gives users direct incentives like the ability to pay utilities with points gathered from their plastic waste.


 2023-01-26  4m

Using school gardens to raise eco-awareness

In Senegal, environmental protection is not part of the official school curriculum. Still, some schools and teachers are taking on the issue by planting organic gardens in schoolyards where students can learn by doing.


 2023-01-19  1m

Dealing with waste and environmental problems

Kenya's island of Lamu is burdened by a deluge of plastic waste. Now a facility on the island is processing this waste into a valuable material that can even be used to keep some of the island's traditions alive.


 2023-01-19  4m