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EcoRadio KC explores our interdependence with the rest of the world, showing the connections between the ways we choose to live and the health of the whole community of life. As a result, we plan to cover a wide range of topics, including local & regenerative agriculture, energy conservation & efficiency, justice, eco-villages, alternative medicine, indigenous peoples, clean energy, local food systems, biofuels, the need for multicultural participation in social change, global warming & climate disruption, extinction, green building and chemistry, and consumerism.

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Toxic Sludge Isn’t Good for You

Audrey Klopper, a Kansas organic farmer and herbalist, speaks on the of use of “bio-solids” as fertilizer. Also, Zach Pistora, Sierra Club Lobbyist brings us up to speed on legislative issues in Kansas.


 2014-06-05  1h1m

Bannister Federal Complex – 900 Toxins and 2 Arrests

According to the Federal Government, there are over 900 toxins remaining on the grounds of the Bannister Federal Complex due to the activities of the Allied/Bendix/Honeywell weapons plant.  Over 154 workers have died and countless others are sick from ...


 2014-06-02  1h0m

March Against Monsanto

Highlights from the Kansas City March Against Monsanto event held on Saturday.   Angela Cooper’s speech: Hello, I am Angela Cooper. I am with THE CHILDREN OF VIETNAM VETERANS HEALTH ALLIANCE. My fathers name is Charles S. Pullium, United States …


 2014-05-26  1h0m

March Against Monsanto

On May 24th, there will be March Against Monsanto rallies all over the world, including 3 in Kansas and 7 in Missouri.  We’ll hear from folks organizing in Kansas City and Lawrence.


 2014-05-16  1h0m

Rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline and What’s the Matter with Mercury

On Saturday, May 17, Kansas City will join communities around the country to ask President Obama and local officials to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, offshore drilling, and other dirty fuel projects that threaten our communities and destabilize our ...


 2014-05-12  1h0m

GMO Corn and Mexico

Craig presents a recording of Luz Martinez from when she visited KC back in February.  Natural E talks to a local farming collective.    


 2014-05-05  1h27m

Climate Disruption: A Green Imperative

Local environmental activist, and former EcoRadio KC host, John Kurmann, spoke at the April Greens’ Forum last Monday.  We’ll air his presentation on this evening’s program. Also, Natural E  tells of her experience in Vandana Shiva’s recent workshop.


 2014-04-28  59m

Earth Day to May Day with Dr. Jill Stein, The Ogallala Road: A Memoir of Love and Reckoning, & Fracking & Earthquakes with Joe Spease

Mike Murphy speaks with 2012 Green Party Presidential Candidate, Dr. Jill Stein about The Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit, an education and direct action campaign beginning this spring with “10 Days to Change Course”...


 2014-04-21  59m

Organic and Local Food Expos and Cultivate KC

Richard Maybion has a discussion with Teresa Kelly of Cultivate KC and Mike Murphy interviews Craig Volland of KC Food Circle concerning upcoming organic and local food Expos.


 2014-04-08  52m

Cultivate KC & Battlefields To Farmfields

Host Craig Lubow interviews Katherine Kelly, the Executive Director and a co-founder of Cultive KC (a locally-grown non-profit working to grow food, farms and communities for a healthy local food system) and Dulanie Ellis,


 2014-04-01  57m