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EcoRadio KC explores our interdependence with the rest of the world, showing the connections between the ways we choose to live and the health of the whole community of life. As a result, we plan to cover a wide range of topics, including local & regenerative agriculture, energy conservation & efficiency, justice, eco-villages, alternative medicine, indigenous peoples, clean energy, local food systems, biofuels, the need for multicultural participation in social change, global warming & climate disruption, extinction, green building and chemistry, and consumerism.

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Sarah Baird on Holiday Ecology Impact; Bill McKibben on Tar Sands

Host John Kurmann discusses the background and ecological impact of the Christmas Holiday Buying Season with Sarah Baird of the Center For the New American Dream, presents an interview from last September conducted by Craig Lubow with Bill McKibben, and …


 2013-12-03  1h0m

Local Environmental Issues Call-In Show with Richard Mabion

Host Richard Mabion opens the phones to listeners to discuss a wide range of environmental issues.


 2013-11-26  53m

Interview with UMKC Professor Michael Frisch

The post Interview with UMKC Professor Michael Frisch appeared first on .


 2013-11-19  59m


Kansas City Eco-troubadour and environmentalist Stan Slaughter has been delving into the growing field of biomimicry. He says that it could be as big as the internet. He’ll talk to Elaine Geisel about this fascinating topic.  


 2013-11-12  59m

Cleanup up of the Old Kansas City Weapons Plant plus EPA listening Session Update

Kansas City is now in the WMD business with a brand spanking new weapons plant, but who will clean up the old one? Jay Coghlan of and Anne Suellentrop of Physicians for Social Responsibility give us the scoop. Also, …


 2013-11-05  1h0m

Power Shift Conference & Wildwood

This evening on EcoRadio KC, we’ll chat with students from Kansas University who attended the Power Shift conference for environmental justice. Later, we’ll chat about the Wildwood Education Center in La Cygne,


 2013-10-28  1h0m

Recycling and Brownfields Hazardous Waste

Tonight on EcoRadio KC, we’ll tackle the Recycling/Brownfields/Hazardous Waste program in Wyandotte County. We’ll be speaking with WyCo employees Kirk Suther and Marlon Goff, who run the program. All this and more local eco-news is yours for the taking...


 2013-10-21  58m

Mixed Bag

John Kurmann brings us up to date on the No Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance Richard Mabion welcomes Claus Wawrzinek and James Turner to talk about their Missouri Beyond Coal Sierra Club Issues. Excerpts from this weekend’s March Against Monsanto …


 2013-10-14  1h0m

March Against Monsanto II – This Time It’s Personal!

After a rousing success in May, another March Against Monsanto action is planned for cities throughout the world on October 12th. Richard Mabion helps us sort out what is going on locally. Also, Season Burnett gives us a sneak preview …


 2013-10-08  58m

Haskell-Wakarusa Wetlands Debacle and More!

This week’s EcoRadioKC will have Zack Pistora, the Legislative Director for the Kansas Sierra Club, on the show to discuss the Haskell-Wakarusa Wetlands soon to be paved over by the South Lawrence Trafficway, as well as Gov.


 2013-10-01  1h0m