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Economic Rockstar is created for you, the economist, financial analyst, teacher or student. If you are looking to expand your knowledge or awareness, Frank Conway delivers the information you just don't want to miss. Economic Rockstar brings to you each week an economist, financial analyst or business leader who shares their experiences, research interests or ideas. Hear their views on different schools of economic thinking - Chicago, Austrian, Keynesian and Classical, behavioral economics, stock markets, and how economics and finance can be used in our lives. Economic Rockstar interviews top-level lecturers and academics from highly renowned universities, best-selling authors and bloggers, inspirational CEOs and business leaders, as well as amazing and thought-provoking people who have recently discovered economics and finance and are carving out a career in their new-found passion. Guests in each episode gives us wonderful advice, takeaways and insights that will help you become part of the Economic Rockstar community that will be 'Connecting Brilliant Minds in Economics and Finance'.

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165: Stephen Wright on Valuing the Stock Market Using Equity q

Stephen Wright is Professor of Economics at Birkbeck College, University of London, UK. Previously Professor Wright worked at the Bank of England and Cambridge University. He is co-author of 'Valuing Wall Street: Protecting Wealth in Turbulent Times'...


 2018-11-09  1h13m

164: Nicholas Gruen on Data Sharing and Reform in Economic Thinking

Nicholas Gruen is CEO of Lateral Economics and is a widely published policy economist, entrepreneur and commentator. In this episode Professor Gruen discusses the need for reform in economics at both academic and policy level. He also explains the...


 2018-11-01  1h20m

163: Kevin Kelly on the Inevitable and Asking Questions of the Unknown

Kevin Kelly is cofounder of Wired Magazine and former editor of The Whole Earth Review. He is considered a futurist and has written a number of books identifying technological trends and innovations, including his most recent book The Inevitable:...


 2018-10-26  1h7m

162: Jennifer Burns on Ayn Rand:Goddess of the Market and Objectivism

In this episode Jennifer Burns, Associate Professor of History and Research Fellow of Stanford's Hoover Institution, explores the life and work of Ayn Rand. Jennifer's book Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right was featured in...


 2018-10-20  58m

161: Tyler Cowen on Stubborn Attachments - A Vision for a Society of Free and Prosperous Individuals

Tyler Cowen is Holbert L. Harris Chair of Economics at George Mason University and serves as chairman and general director of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He is coauthor of the popular economics blog Marginal Revolution and...


 2018-10-11  1h6m

160: Arjo Klamer on the Value of Culture and Art in Economics

Arjo Klamer is Professor of Cultural Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. His recent book 'Doing the Right Thing: a Value Based Approach' looks at the human perspective in the economy and the firm. It focuses on the most...


 2018-10-04  1h23m

159: Diane Coyle Rebroadcast on GDP, Its Shortcomings and Alternative Measures

This is a rebroadcast of a conversation I had with professor Diane Coyle. It first featured as episode 69 on 21 January 2016. Check out for all links, books and resources mentioned in this episode. Support the...


 2018-09-23  57m

158: Robin Hanson Rebroadcast: The Age of Em and How Brain Emulations Will Double Economic Growth Every Month

This is a rebroadcast of my conversation with Professor Robin Hanson of George Mason University. Robin discusses his book the Age of Em and I decided to rebroadcast this after listening to The Joe Rogan Experience with Elon Musk. Check out the show...


 2018-09-15  1h4m

157: François Allisson on Value and Prices in Russian Economic Thought

François Allisson is a scholar in history of economic thought and a senior lecturer at the Centre Walras-Pareto at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. His research interests encompass the whole history of Russian economic...


 2018-09-08  1h55m

156: Peter Boettke on Hayekian Economics, Political Economy and Social Philosophy

Peter Boettke of George Mason University joins me once again on the podcast. He discusses the Hayekian principles laid out in his new book "F. A. Hayek: Economics, Political Economy and Social Philosophy". Check out the links at...


 2018-09-01  1h55m