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Economic Rockstar is created for you, the economist, financial analyst, teacher or student. If you are looking to expand your knowledge or awareness, Frank Conway delivers the information you just don't want to miss. Economic Rockstar brings to you each week an economist, financial analyst or business leader who shares their experiences, research interests or ideas. Hear their views on different schools of economic thinking - Chicago, Austrian, Keynesian and Classical, behavioral economics, stock markets, and how economics and finance can be used in our lives. Economic Rockstar interviews top-level lecturers and academics from highly renowned universities, best-selling authors and bloggers, inspirational CEOs and business leaders, as well as amazing and thought-provoking people who have recently discovered economics and finance and are carving out a career in their new-found passion. Guests in each episode gives us wonderful advice, takeaways and insights that will help you become part of the Economic Rockstar community that will be 'Connecting Brilliant Minds in Economics and Finance'.

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026: Thomas O'Grady on How Writing a PhD on Demographics Revealed an Opportunity in the San Francisco Housing Market

Thomas O’Grady has a PhD in Mathematical and Statistical Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. His professional career has taken him from becoming the top analyst in Soviet intelligence for a U.S. agency and receiving the...


 2015-04-02  53m

025: Dan Hamermesh on the Economics of Beauty: Attractive People Are More Successful

Dan Hamermesh is Professor in Economics at the Royal Holloway University of London and at the University of Texas at Austin. Dan researches the economics of beauty. He received his Ph.D. from Yale and has since taught at Princeton, at...


 2015-03-26  39m

024: Greg Davies on Behavioral Finance and Controlling Your Emotions When Making Trading Decisions

Greg Davies is Managing Director and Head of Behavioural Finance at Barclays.  He joined the firm in December 2006 to develop and implement commercial applications drawing on behavioural portfolio theory, the psychology of judgment and...


 2015-03-19  50m

023: Loretta Napoleoni on Financing Terrorism and the Creation of the Islamic State

Loretta Napoleoni is an expert on terrorist financing, and advises several governments and international organizations on counter-terrorism and money laundering. As Chairman of the countering terrorism financing group for the Club de Madrid, Loretta...


 2015-03-12  44m

022: Josh Angrist on Taking the Con Out of Econometrics - Kung Fu Style

Master Joshway, better known as Josh Angrist, is the Ford Professor of Economics at MIT and a Research Associate in the NBER's programs on Children, Education, and Labor Studies. Josh received his B.A. from Oberlin College, spent time as an...


 2015-03-05  1h0m

021: Paul Dolan on the Economics of Happiness

Paul Dolan is an internationally renowned expert on happiness, behaviour and public policy. He is currently a Professor of Behavioural Science in the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Paul has...


 2015-02-26  36m

020: George Magnus on The Age of Ageing, China and the EU

George Magnus is an independent economist, consultant and commentator. He has a distinguished career that started with some teaching assignments but was spent mostly in the financial services industry. Before going solo in 2012, George was the...


 2015-02-19  45m

019: Mark Thornton on the Decriminalization of Marijuana and the Skyscraper Curse

Dr. Thornton has withdrawn himself from politics and concentrates now on education, primarily of the general public because the Austrian perspective says: "the world works according to the ideology of the masses so we have to change that mindset...


 2015-02-11  24m

018: Mark Thornton on Austrian Economics and Why the Nazi's and the KGB Wanted Mises Papers

Dr. Mark Thornton is an economist who lives in Auburn, Alabama. Mark is Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and serves as the Book Review Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. Mark’s publications include The...


 2015-02-05  29m

017: Marina Adshade on Understanding Economics the Sexy and 'Hard' Way

Dr. Marina Adshade engages in original economic research in the area of women in the economy. She has a Ph.D. from Queen’s University in Ontario Canada and currently teaches economics at the Vancouver School of Economics at the University...


 2015-01-29  53m