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episode 131: Economic Update - "What Elections Hide"

Updates on LA vote on public bank; contradictions of Trump's "nationalism;" big business criticism of tariffs; corporations like 7-Eleven use immigration crisis for profits. Major discussion: the urgent social issues that elections ignore or hide.


 2018-12-22  28m

episode 130: Economic Update - Cooperation Jackson: a closer look

This week’s updates include: massive international study of profit-driven food production, the huge costs of contemporary loneliness, police raid Deutsche Bank, Falling house prices, Belgium follows France in mass street demonstrations, and US economy hu...


 2018-12-14  28m

episode 129: Economic Update - The Great American Purge

The program begins by explaining the economics behind the great US  anti-leftist purge (“McCarthyism”) after 1945. It then shows the economic impacts of that purge over the last half century. Finally, it explains how that history produced a very differen...


 2018-12-08  28m

episode 128: Economic Update - Seattle firm converts into a worker coop

 Updates on Amazon subsidized by New York, Virginia; French people act to limit corporate greed, Sears favors bosses in bankruptcy too, Pfizer ups drug prices despite Trump, California fires expose US economic divide. Guest Matthias Scheiblehner discu...


 2018-12-01  28m

episode 127: Economic Update - Why Capitalism Demonizes Government

Updates on UK war on "Unexplained Wealth," why capitalism needs yet attacks government, historical reality of low wages in US, cozy deals between big corporations and credit rating agencies again. Major discussions of capitalism's oscillations between na...


 2018-11-24  28m

episode 126: Economic Update - US Midterm Elections

Updates on how China hits back economically; capitalism surviving in Italy through explosive debt creation; why lotteries have heavy economic costs; and how Grinnell College undergraduate workers successfully organized. Interview with Prof. David Harvey ...


 2018-11-17  28m

episode 125: Economic Update - “Follow the Money

Updates on profits-vs-science and weedkiller “roundup,” most Americans not better off than in 2016, WHO reports bans on corporal punishment of kids and how doing so saves money too, Janet Yellen warns huge corporate debts risk another major economic cras...


 2018-11-10  28m

episode 124: Economic Update - US "Sugar Arrangements” Industry

 Updates on latest foreign and US elections, the CEA document against socialism, growing inequality of billionaires’ wealth, army represses report on costs and errors of Iraq war, and expose of Maine’s subsidy for corporations by helping indebted student...


 2018-11-03  28m

episode 123: Economic Update - Virginia Elects a Socialist

Updates on political economy of Trump/GOP attacks on China and their long term costs; parallel analysis of attacks on immigrants;  Michelle Alexander on who today is “The Resistance;” and record funds pouring into US midterm elections. Interview with Lee...


 2018-10-27  28m

episode 122: Economic Update - A Deepening Crisis of Capitalism - 10.20.18

Updates on IMF prediction of slowing global growth, Bank of England warnings on accumulation of sub-prime debt, Nordhaus Nobel prize and market ideology, Dutch unions and others against corporate tax evasion, and signs of labor militancy in Marriott stri...


 2018-10-20  28m