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Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 28m. Bisher sind 70 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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episode 149: Economic Update - Capitalism versus Socialism

This over 200-year debate and struggle has become confused and confusing. Too many different definitions make honest, balanced discussions and evaluations of these alternative systems difficult. Because socialism is rising yet again to challenge c...


 2019-04-27  28m

episode 148: Economic Update - The #MeToo Movement

Updates on Chicago in change, decline of world trade, New York's "congestion pricing,  IMF on Trump trade war and hi-tech monopolies, 7 states sue Ag Dept over school lunch deregulations, Trump cautions audience "Don't underestimate "the power of sociali...


 2019-04-20  28m

episode 147: Economic Update - Economic Update: Venezuela

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on Brexit and Mueller Report, Chicago is new site of labor upsurge, how income shapes education and thus "merit," why objections to Green New Deal and Medicare for All are mistaken, how a fascistic "punis...


 2019-04-13  28m

episode 146: Economic Update - Employer vs Employee: Capitalism's Endless Conflict

Updates on LA strippers strike, Trump fails to end US trade deficit, UN reports on protests against capitalist inequality and gov't repression of those protests, GM closes Lordstown, Ohio factory with tragic social effects, Trump and FED reduce bank regu...


 2019-04-06  28m

episode 145: Economic Update - Beyond Universal Basic Income

 In-depth analysis of UBI shows its advantages over most welfare, safety net systems. An even better alternative would avoid capitalism's unnecessary production of unemployment because it utilizes technical progress (rising productivity) for profits. The...


 2019-03-30  28m

episode 144: Economic Update - Fascism: An Analysis for Today

An in-depth analysis of fascism as massive government intervention to protect and save a crashing capitalism. We focus on today's examples, historical parallels (in Germany and Italy), and how "strong men" leaders push fascist agendas. We discuss how fas...


 2019-03-23  28m

episode 143: Economic Update - Political Activism's Revival

Updates on International Women's Day, UC to make all research free, Cuomo begs and bribes Amazon again, US denounces UK protectionism, Spain = #1 healthiest country vs US at #35, how Trump/GOP raised taxes and thereby cut refunds. Interview with Eleanor ...


 2019-03-16  28m

episode 142: Economic Update - Renewing Labor's Movement

Updates on striking Oakland school teachers, dangers of declining pensions, bank fined for helping clients evade taxes, in tariff war over black olives US vs EU, stagnant real wages in US explain rising inequality. Interview with Larry Williams, Jr., lab...


 2019-03-09  28m

episode 141: Economic Update - Fighting the System

Updates on the economics of immigration, France's yellow vests join union-called general strike, demonstrations against Sackler family's profiting from oxycontin, and New York City Council considers giving priority to fast-food workers (majority) over em...


 2019-03-02  28m

episode 140: Economic Update - Fantasy, Comedy, Tragedy: Delivering News Today

Updates on million-person Communist demonstration in India, subsidized "development" by Foxconn and Amazon, merger making big banks bigger, delusion of "bringing back manufacturing" US. Interview with Lee Camp of "Redacted Tonight" on comedy, news and an...


 2019-02-23  28m