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recommended podcasts

Vernon Smith and James Otteson on Adam Smith

Vernon Smith and James Otteson talk with host Russ Roberts about Adam Smith in front of a live audience at Ball State University. Topics discussed include Smith's view of human nature, the relevance of Smith for philosophy and economics today, and the connection between Smith's two books, The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations.


 2015-04-06  1h4m

David Skarbek on Prison Gangs and the Social Order of the Underworld

David Skarbek talks with host Russ Roberts about the written and unwritten rules in America's prisons for the most violent and dangerous criminals. Skarbek explains how and why prison gangs emerged in the last half of the 20th century, their influence both inside and outside of prisons, and how their governance structure is maintained.


 2015-03-30  1h16m

Campbell Harvey on Randomness, Skill, and Investment Strategies

Campbell Harvey talks with host Russ Roberts about his research evaluating investment and trading strategies and the challenge of measuring their effectiveness. Topics include skill vs. luck, self-deception, the measures of statistical significance, skewness in investment returns, and the potential of big data.


 2015-03-23  1h5m

Paul Romer on Urban Growth

Paul Romer talks with host Russ Roberts about reforming cities to allow growth and human flourishing. Topics discussed include charter cities, the role of population density in city life, driverless cars, and various ways to help the poorest people in the world.


 2015-03-16  1h3m

Lawrence H. White on Monetary Constitutions

Lawrence H. White talks with host Russ Roberts about the possibility of a monetary constitution. Based on a new book, Renewing the Search for a Monetary Constitution, White explores different constitutional constraints that might be put on the government's role in money and monetary policy. Topics include cryptocurrencies, the gold standard, the Taylor Rule, the performance of the Fed, free banking, and private currency.


 2015-03-09  1h18m

David Zetland on Water

David Zetland talks with host Russ Roberts about the challenges of water management. Topics include sustainability of water supplies, affordability of water for the poor, incentives water companies face, and management of water systems in the poorest countries. Also discussed are the diamond and water paradox, campaigns to reduce water usage, and the role of prices in managing a water system.


 2015-03-02  1h0m

Michael Munger on Choosing in Groups

Michael Munger talks with host Russ Roberts about his latest book (with co-author Kevin Munger), Choosing in Groups. Munger lays out the challenges of group decision-making and of agreeing on constitutions or voting rules for group decision-making. The conversation highlights some of the challenges of majority rule and uses the Lewis and Clark expedition as an example.


 2015-02-23  1h15m

Benn Steil on the Battle of Bretton Woods

Benn Steil of the Council on Foreign Relations talks with host Russ Roberts about his book, The Battle of Bretton Woods, and the conference that resulted in the IMF, the World Bank, and the post-war international monetary system. Topics include conflicting interests during and after World War II between Britain and America, the relative instability of the post-war system, and the personalities and egos of the individuals at Bretton Woods, including John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White.


 2015-02-16  1h5m

Daniel Sumner on the Political Economy of Agriculture

Daniel Sumner talks with host Russ Roberts about U.S. agricultural subsidies, the winners and losers from those subsidies, and how the structure of subsidies has changed from the New Deal to the present. Sumner also explains how American policies have affected foreign farmers.


 2015-02-09  1h9m

Luigi Zingales on the Costs and Benefits of the Financial Sector

Luigi Zingales talks with host Russ Roberts on whether the financial sector is good for society and about difference between how banks and bankers are perceived by the public vs. finance professors. He discusses the costs and benefits of financial innovation, compares the finance sector to the health sector, and suggests how business education should talk about finance to create better behavior.


 2015-02-02  1h1m