Edge Cases

A weekly podcast about (mostly Apple-related) software development


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Edge Cases 128: Everybody's Got a Bad Parser

Andrew on Carthage and Wolf on text as a symptom. Plus: ending the show.


 2015-04-16  41m

Edge Cases 127: A Foundation of Chaos

Wolf on strict vs flexible foundations and Andrew on React Native.


 2015-04-02  36m

Edge Cases 126: Out-Microsofting Microsoft

Andrew on how Apple is the new Microsoft and Wolf on real-time systems.


 2015-03-26  29m

Edge Cases 125: Gradient of Information

Wolf on the why of software change and Andrew on GUI debugging tools, real and imagined.


 2015-03-12  38m

Edge Cases 124: Old Apple Meets New Apple

Andrew on Apple's Swift framework problem and Wolf on bitcode for software distribution.


 2015-03-05  36m

Edge Cases 123: What’s the Deal with NSInteger?

Wolf on branches vs feature flags and Andrew (belatedly) on Apple's 64-bit transition.


 2015-02-26  34m

Edge Cases 122: Working on the Other Side of the Country

Andrew and Wolf on working from home.


 2015-02-19  33m

Edge Cases 121: The Official Container Type of the Edge Cases Podcast

Wolf on subpixel text rendering and Andrew on linked lists.


 2015-02-05  36m

Edge Cases 120: Don't Copy That Floppy

Andrew on weak references and Wolf on physical-access malware like Thunderstrike.


 2015-01-22  38m

Edge Cases 119: Enough Flags to Be a United Nations

Wolf on state machines and Andrew on std::swap vs. functional programming.


 2015-01-15  24m