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EEVblog 1447 – EXPENSIVE Fluke vs CHEAPER Brymen – Teardown

Why are Fluke multimeters so expensive? PART 2 A teardown of the Fluke 70/170 series vs the Brymen BM786. Is there any design and construction difference that justifies 2-3 times the price? 00:00 – Fluke vs Brymen 01:07 – The Yellow Peer Pressure 01:57...



EEVblog 1446 – Analog Watt Hour Meters are AMAZING!

Analog Watt Hour energy meters are fascinating! How they work, teardown, and experiments. Thanks to Max Button for sending this in to the mailbag. 00:00 – Watt Hour Energy Meters 02:11 – Teardown 05:13 – What’s to stop it taking off?



EEVblog 1445 – How to Simulate an Oscilloscope Probe in LTSPICE

How to simulate a x1 oscilloscope probe in LTSPICE. And how to use the lossy transmission line model in practice with the spice directive. Forum:



EEVblog 1444 – XMAS Mailbag!

XMAS Mailbag featuring Mrs EEVblog, Sagan, and Huxley! Forum: SPOILERS: Badge RF Antenna DigitalCool PCB Coaster: https://www.tindie.


 2021-12-15  1h7m

EEVblog 1443 – They Don’t Teach This in School! (Coherence)

A follow-up video to the Electrodynamic Shaker, showing you the critical importance of Coherence measurement. Something you’ll only get taught in the school of hard knocks! Using the Ling Electrodynamic shaker, a measurement accelerometer,


 2021-12-15  29m

EEVblog 1442 – DON’T DO THIS!

An innocent TO-220 regulator gets tortured using a mystery device from the bunker. The art of environmental PCB testing. 00:00 – What is this thing? 01:00 – I used to use these all the time 02:40 – Electrodynamic Shaker 03:56 – How PCB’s are vibration ...


 2021-12-04  23m

EEVblog 1441 – Electric Buses are NOT a SCAM (Adam Something)

Repsonding to Adam Something’s video claiming that electric buses are a scam. Lets analyse his claims and look at what’s really happening with the cost benefit anlysis of electric buses vs diesel and electric trolley buses. Adam’s video: https://www.


 2021-12-03  29m

EEVblog 1440 – Pentax Film Camera TEARDOWN

Teardown of a mid 90’s vintage Pentax IQZoomEZY film camera. Forum:


 2021-12-03  28m

EEVblog 1439 – Analysing Veritasium’s Electricity Misconceptions Video

Dave analyses Veritasium’s video “The Big Misconception About Electricity” and how energy flows in the Poynting vector in the electromagnetic field OUTSIDE the wire instead of inside the wire. 00:00 – Veritasium’s video “The Big Misconception About Ele...


 2021-11-28  45m

EEVblog 1438 – The TOP 5 Jellybean Regulators & References

Dave looks at his TOP 5 (plus change) Jellybean Voltage Regulators and References, and explains why you need to know them. 00:00 – Jellybean Voltage Regulator & References 01:52 – 78xx Linear Voltage Regulator 08:01 – Adjustable Voltage Regulator 13:52...


 2021-11-18  44m