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EEVblog #1250 – World’s Thinnest Wallet Review – Stealth Razor

Dave got one of these newfangled slim wallets, the Stealth Razor from Airo Collective, a Kickstarter project, the world’s thinnest wallet. Does it actually replace a full traditional leather wallet? How practical is it? Does the RFID protection work?


 2019-10-05  14m

EEVblog #1249 – How To Read Timing Diagrams

A tutorial on how to read timing diagrams. An essential skill for designing and understanding digital logic, FPGA and microcontroller designs and datasheets. Forum HERE


 2019-10-03  36m

EEVblog #1248 – INSANE! A 0.02% Process Meter for $9? WTF!

Dave found this crazy bargain of the century no-name $9 0.02% class multifuction process calibrator on Aliexpress. Is it any good? Actually, it’s an AIMOmeter AMPX1 that sells for over $200 on ebay, so what gives?


 2019-09-29  24m

EEVblog #1247 – DDR Memory PCB Propagation Delay & Layout

When does PCB propagation delay matter in PCB layout? Dave goes down the rabbit hole from DIY TTL processor design to DDR memory design and layout. DDR memory termination. What is a timing budget? When is it important?


 2019-09-26  39m

EEVblog #1246 – Dumpster TV to Retro RGB Monitor Conversion

How to convert a dumpster Sony CRT TV into a retro computer RGB monitor. Going through the design considerations, schematics, datasheets and the “jungle chip” and how to feed in the RGB signal and switch it.


 2019-09-16  29m

EEVblog #1245 – A Most Excellent REPAIR: IBM PCjr Keyboard

Can you find the fault in the IBM PCjr wireless keyboard before Dave does? A most excellent adventure in troubleshooting. Forum HERE


 2019-09-16  28m

EEVblog #1244 – Mailbag

More Mailbag! Forum HERE SPOILERS: Mailbag SPAM! Arizona If it smells like chicken, you’re holding it wrong. 2:57 Open source hardware audio hearing development system. 11:20 Circuit Scribe conductive ink learning kit https://www...


 2019-09-16  49m

EEVblog #1243 – Sony Boombox REPAIR and Teardown

Repair and teardown of a Sony CFD-V10 portable stereo boombox Service manual Forum HERE


 2019-09-16  28m

EEVblog #1242 – Memory LCD+Supercaps+Low Power Design

Part 2 of the power-up counter project, investigating the Sharp Memory LCD & custom LCD’s + microcontroller (MSP430 + ST ARM + Microchip) low power design with supercaps, SMD ceramic batteries, and coin cells. Forum HERE


 2019-09-16  27m

EEVblog #1241 – Power Up Display Counter Project – Part 1

Looking for a segmented e-ink / e-paper display solution for a power up display counter module project. Forum HERE


 2019-09-16  36m