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EEVblog #925 – Panasonic CF-U1 ToughBook Teardown

Teardown of the Panasonic CF-U1 Windows 7 based Toughbook Forum HERE


 2016-09-21  0m

EEVblog #924 – Hovering Delorean!

Dave plays with an Indiegogo campaign hovering Delorean! Will it hover? And how does it work? Forum HERE


 2016-09-20  0m

EEVblog #923 – World’s Fastest Solar Electric Car

A brief look at the UNSW EVE solar electric car at Electronex 2016, the world’s fastest solar electric car. Forum HERE


 2016-09-16  0m

EEVblog #922 – Mailbag

More Mysterious Mailbag Forum HERE SPOILERS: Tektronix / Promax RFM90 SignalMini Receive Signal Level Meter teardown A mysterious FM receiver that transmits! RoutaBoard prototype board matrix IntegriFuse USB Protection Digilent Analog Part Kit Digi[...]


 2016-09-13  0m

EEVblog #921 – Open Source Hardware Problems Solved!

There are a few big problems with Open Source Hardware and usage of the Gear logo. Dave has a new solution, make it more like Creative Commons! Download the new logo HERE UPDATE: it would be really cool if there was an auto-generator website like th[...]


 2016-09-12  0m

EEVblog #920 – World’s First Transistor Watch!

The Bulova Accutron Spaceview 214, the world’s first transistorised watch! Space age technology from the 1960’s, the world’s most accurate watch at the time using a 360Hz tuning fork mechanism. Used by NASA on many space missions i[...]


 2016-09-08  0m

EEVblog #919 – How To Charge Li-Ion/LiPo Batteries With A Power Supply

How to safely charge Lithium Ion & Lithium Polymer batteries with a bench power supply. Forum HERE


 2016-09-02  0m

EEVblog #917 – Mailbag

Lots of teardown mix in today’s Mailbag And Windows 10 SBC action, along with Sony and the Russians. Forum HERE SPOILERS: Latte Panda single board computer Sony Pyxis IPS-30 GPS Teardown Creative Zen music player teardown Panasonic CF-U1 Toug[...]


 2016-08-31  0m

EEVblog #916 – Work Bench Lighting From A Dumpster LCD TV

How to scrap a dumpster LCD TV to get work bench or architrave lighting. A look at the LED’s used and the lens system for direct backlit panels. Also looking at the diffusion and prism layers of typical LCD TV’s. LED LCD Panel Teardown V[...]


 2016-08-27  0m

EEVblog #915 – Dumpster Dive LCD TV Salvage

Turning a dumpster dive 50″ LG LCD TV into a light panel Fun with a spectrometer, and light meter measurements. Also looking at the diffusion and prism layers of typical LCD TV’s. Part 2 HERE LED LCD Panel Teardown VIDEO 3M Brightness En[...]


 2016-08-27  0m