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Every week, on Rock Paper Shotgun's Electronic Wireless Show, listen to a few friends dive into a topic that revolves around PC gaming. Also, you'll hear them go off-topic and chat about fish tanks and traffic cones, too.


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episode 8: S2 Episode 8: what the hap is heckening at Studio ZA/UM?

This week on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast we bite off more than we can chew by trying to make sense of the timeline of the Studio ZA/UM firings, lawsuits, and alleged fraud/toxicity, an ongoing and complicate mess that, as of this week, shows no signs of ungoing. We kind of end up on an "who tf knows?" but do manage to boil it down into a cowboy metaphor that helps us get a grip on things...



episode 7: S2 Episode 7: failure to launch

Forspoken's reviews were challenging and SimCity's launch "heartbreaking", it's time for the EWS pc podcast to talk bad launches



episode 6: S2 Episode 6: revenge of the sequels

This week saw some surprise sequels announced, years after the first game (hello, Cities: Skylines 2!) so the EWS chats about long-running game series



episode 5: S2 Episode 5: remaster? I hardly know her!

This week the Electronic Wireless Show PC gaming podcast goes ham on remasters and remakes



episode 4: S2 Episode 4: Biblically accurate dating simulator

This week we ask the question: why so many hell games and so few heaven ones?


 2023-02-23  1h14m

episode 3: Season 2 Episode 3: a delayed game is eventually delayed again

Today the EWS discusses recent game delay news, and famously delayed games in general


 2023-02-16  1h4m

episode 2: S2 Episode 2: a battle royalepocalypse

What a week its been! Not a great one if you like zany battle royales, as it turns out. This week on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast we discuss the recent sunetting of Rumbleverse and Knockout City, and how long is a good run for games anyway? But in happier and more ridiculous news, we also get to talk about how massively popular Dwarf Fortress's steam release has been. Good ol' Dwarf Fortress. Plus: the Dread Wolf is leeeeeaaakiiiiing...


 2023-02-09  1h15m

episode 1: This podcast is definitely not a fraud

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast returns in 2023 with a new friend and a new format!


 2023-02-02  1h18m

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