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The Science Of Attraction – With Dr. Geoffrey Miller (Episode 43)

Dr. Geoffrey Miller, evolutionary psychologist, author, and dating expert, joins our show today!  Geoffrey gives us his best insights on attraction, dating, sex, and much more! He gives us the science and data behind a lot of the common beliefs and myt..


 2015-09-26  41m

The Biology Of The Sexual Man – Angel Donovan (Ep. 42)

Angel Donovan, international dating expert, podcast host, and the founder of Dating Skills Review, joins our show today! Angel shares with us his incredible insights into what it biologically takes to become a strong sexual man.


 2015-09-19  52m

How To Date A Cougar – With Lucia (Episode 41)

Lucia, internationally known dating and relationship expert, television personality, author, and keynote speaker, joins our show today! Lucia talks about her cougar website and what she’s learned about attracting and dating older women.


 2015-09-09  36m

Style Advice For Men – With Kylie and Jonathan (Episode 40)

Kylie and Jonathan, Toronto’s very own male and female personal style and image consulting team, joins our show today! Kylie and Jonathan give us their best advice on style and fashion and give us a great female and male perspective on things.


 2015-09-04  38m

Building An Audience – With Kimanzi Constable (Episode 39)

Kimanzi Constable, former bread-delivery guy turned successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker, and a lead editor at Mind Body Green, joins our show today! Kimanzi talks about his amazing journey from struggling bread man to su..


 2015-09-01  55m

Getting Dates On Tinder – With Kristi Allain (Episode 38)

Kristi Allain, bestselling author, dating coach, and Tinder expert, joins our show today! Kristi gives us her best advice on dating, relationships, love, and happiness, and brings her fun and elegant charm onto our show. Get her best advice now,


 2015-08-25  29m

Branding Your Business – With Michael Peggs (Episode 37)

Michael Peggs, online branding expert, seo master, and the host of the YouUniversity Podcast joins our show today! Michael talks about branding for startups, search engine optimization, and growing your audience.


 2015-08-22  30m

Hypnotizing The World – With Dr. Dave Hill (Episode 36)

Dr. Dave Hill, the greatest hypnotist in the world, joins our show today! Dr. Dave Hill has performed over 6,000 hypnosis shows, has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is considered by pretty much everybody in the hypnosis world to be the greate...


 2015-08-18  49m

Healing With Hormones – With Dr. Mark Gordon (Episode 35)

Dr. Mark Gordon, world-renowned endocrinologist, Medical Director of The Millenium Health Centers, acclaimed medical author, and traumatic brain injury expert, joins our show today! Mark is a living, breathing,


 2015-08-14  1h29m

Perfecting Your Style – With Antonio Centeno (Episode 34)

Antonio Centeno, nationally acclaimed fashion expert and the founder of Real Men Real Style, joins our show today! Antonio gives us straightforward and easy-to-follow advice on how to create and perfect the right style for any man.


 2015-08-12  35m