Elucidations is an unexpected philosophy podcast produced in association with the University of Chicago. Each month, Matt Teichman sits down with a person of philosophical interest to discuss their view on a topic. Now and again, he is joined by an awesome co-host. Some of the guests are philosophy professors, some of the guests are other kinds of professors, and some of the guests are not professors. Either way, the goal is to develop a feel for how the guest’s perspective hangs together interactively. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


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episode 135: Episode 135: Sara Protasi discusses the philosophy of envy

Is it always bad to feel envy, or can it sometimes be good?


 2021-07-15  38m

episode 134: Episode 134: Claire Kirwin discusses value realism

Is mint chocolate chip ice cream REALLY tasty, like, in and of itself, or is it just tasty to me?


 2021-05-29  40m

episode 133: Episode 133: Aristotle discusses his philosophy

Listen to Aristotle outline his view of physics, biology, causality, and ethics!


 2021-04-04  45m

episode 132: Episode 132: Rebecca Valentine discusses queer hackerspaces

What happens when the creative side of tech joins forces with queer anarcha-feminism?


 2021-03-02  46m

episode 131: Episode 131: Greg Salmieri discusses egoism and altruism

Should you do everything that you do in order to benefit yourself?


 2021-01-03  49m

episode 130: Episode 130: Jessica Tizzard discusses weakness of the will

What's really going on when you lack the willpower to do the right thing?


 2020-11-22  36m

episode 129: Episode 129: Nethanel Lipshitz discusses discrimination

Do you have to be part of a recognized social group to be the victim of discrimination?


 2020-09-27  51m

episode 128: Episode 128: Melissa Fusco discusses free choice permission

Our best theory of obligation and permission is mostly on track--except for one big thing.


 2020-08-16  41m

episode 127: Episode 127 - Nic Koziolek discusses self-knowledge

What's the difference between knowing about some third-personal fact and knowing about your own mental states?


 2020-07-15  40m

episode 126: Episode 126 - Listener Q&A with Agnes Callard and Ben Callard

In this episode, Matt Teichman, Agnes Callard, and Ben Callard answer philosophical questions submitted by listeners.


 2020-06-11  47m