EM Basic

EM Basic- your boot camp guide to emergency medicine. Made for medical students and emergency medicine interns to review common chief complaints in emergency medicine from the ground up


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episode 94: 94 Pediatric Sepsis

Join doctors Smitha Mathew, Kaitlin Verdone, Zac Hodges, and Dan McCollum as they navigate the difficult waters of pediatric sepsis.  What exactly is sepsis?  Are there any differences in the treatment of pediatric sepsis compared to adult...



episode 93: 93 Sore Throat

Dr. Tony Zitek drops some knowledge on you about the deceptively complex topic of sore throats.  What diagnoses are important other than strep and viral pharyngitis?  Why should assess neck mobility during your physical examination? ...



episode 92: 92 Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Join Christopher Watson, Zac Hodges, and Dan McCollum as they discuss the management of pediatric traumatic brain injury.  What should you look for on exam? When is intubation appropriate? How can you treat increased intracranial pressure? Where...


 2020-05-04  22m

episode 91: 91 Urinary Tract Infections

Join emergency physician Tony Zitek as he guides you through the diagnosis and management of urinary tract infections.  Which elements of the history and physical exam are key?  What are the pearls and pitfalls in the diagnosis of UTI? ...


 2020-04-20  32m

episode 90: 90 COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus

Join Dan McCollum as he discusses COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. What are the symptoms of this disease? How is it spread? What personal protective equipment is needed? What are key elements of the history and physical exam?...


 2020-03-30  19m

89 Neonatal fever

Join Zac Hodges and Dan McCollum as they have a conversation about neonatal fevers with Dr. Kathryn McLeod, an experienced pediatrician at the Children's Hospital of Georgia.  We discuss the general approach to taking the history and physical...


 2020-02-24  29m

episode 88: 88 Pediatric Sickle Cell

Join physicians Eric Ring, Zac Hodges, and Dan McCollum as they discuss how to properly care for the pediatric patient with sickle cell disease.  Dr. Eric Ring is a pediatric specialist in Hematology and Oncology at the Children's Hospital of...


 2020-01-27  24m

episode 87: 87 Pediatric DKA

Join Zac Hodges, Chris Watson, and Dan McCollum as they discuss the management of pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA.  What are key findings on the history and physical exam that point to DKA?  What is the initial management of these...


 2019-12-09  23m

PSA: Incidental Exposure to Fentanyl is NOT a thing!

Today's episode of the podcast is a myth busting on all the media reports about first responders overdosing by being exposed to fentanyl in the field by incidental contact. This is physically impossible and the misinformation out there has scared a...


 2019-03-18  n/a

Neonatal Resuscitation with Drs. Azif Safarulla, Dan McCollum, and Jessica Gancar

EM Basic is finally back with a new episode. Today's episode will discuss neonatal resuscitation with Dr. Azif Safarulla, a neonatologist at Augusta University. Dr. Dan McCollum and Dr. Jessica Gancar interview Dr. Safarulla on the nuts and bolts of...


 2019-03-06  n/a