Host Kelly McEvers takes a story from the news and goes deep. Whether that means digging into the Trump administration's past, the stories behind police shootings caught on video, or visiting a town ravaged by the opioid epidemic, Embedded takes you where the news is happening.




      episode 5: Trump Stores: The Apprentice

      Omarosa Manigault Newman has a new book. What about those tapes? We re-visit an episode from our "Trump Stories" season.


       2018-08-18  37m

      episode 4: The Waiver

      President Trump's travel ban has been upheld by the Supreme Court. People from the seven banned countries can still come to the U.S. if they get a special "waiver." So far, few people have gotten them. We follow one Yemeni family as they try to get a waiver to escape a civil war. Supreme Court audio in this episode comes from Oyez.


       2018-07-04  35m

      episode 3: The Red Line

      From 2011-2013, Kelly covered the war in Syria, where people would ask, "Why won't the U.S. intervene?" Then came a chemical attack, ordered by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, that killed more than 1,000 people, and the U.S. almost intervened, but didn't. Now, a new book tells why.


       2018-06-27  37m

      Police Videos: North Miami

      Police shoot the wrong guy. A collaboration with WNYC. You can find the Aftereffect series here: https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/aftereffect/?utm_medium=shownotes&utm_source=podcast&utm_content=embedded


       2018-06-21  38m

      The Apology Broker

      This week, an episode from NPR's Rough Translation podcast.


       2018-06-14  41m

      episode 5: Coal Stories 5

      It's been a year and a half. Gary, Kyle, and Brad move on.


       2018-06-01  23m

      episode 4: Coal Stories 4

      We meet someone new. Derek.


       2018-05-25  28m

      episode 3: Coal Stories 3

      It's not all about Trump. Kyle makes progress. Gary has decisions to make. Brad makes a change.


       2018-05-17  23m

      episode 2: Coal Stories 2

      After the election. The price of a certain kind of coal goes up. People's lives start changing. Some think it's because of Trump.


       2018-05-10  24m

      Coal Stories 1

      The "war on coal." Getting Appalachia wrong. Which side are you on? What it's like to live a decline.


       2018-05-03  24m