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episode 7: 8: It's An...imoji world and we're just living in it

🚰 Animoji leaked before the Apple Event, do emoji bots speed anything up, and some breaking news about Messenger emojis. With special guest Christina Warren.

🌯 Latest Issue of Emoji Wrap Email 💧 Animoji leaks before Apple Event 🎃 Don't mess with Halloween emoji fans 🤑 Common Venmo Charges, Decoded 🤷‍♀️ Samsung's Emoji Adventures 👋 Say Goodbye to the Blob. Google's New Emoji Have Arrived 🏙 A review of the city emojis (YouTube video) 🍆 NYC Using Racy Emoji Posters to Combat Rise in STD...



episode 6: 6: Are You Getting Eclipsed?

🤗 We're back! World Emoji Day antics, Android Oreo, and what's up with Samsung? With Jeremy Burge and special guest Florence Ion.

🍏 Apple Previews New Emojis 🌎 World Emoji Day 2017 ⏰ Jeremy guests on Clockwise podcast 💻 Mac Emoji Keyboard Shortcut 🍪 Android Oreo ⚰️ Google Farewells Blob Emojis 💃 Blob Dancer Emoji 📲 Android 8 Emoji Changelog 🤷‍♀️ Samsung's Emoji Set 🙄 Rolling Eyes Emoji 🔡 Samsung Letters on Emojis ❌ EmojiCompat 🤖 Botmoji

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📺 All About Android 🎙 M...



episode 5: 5: Emoji Dictator of the World

Custom emoji fonts, :hedgehog:, Clippy, the difference between gender neutral and gender inclusive, and what is a merperson? With Jeremy Burge and special guest Paul Hunt, a font designer from Adobe.

🔲 Unicode Chart 🆕 Unicode 9 Emoji List 📝 Source Emoji Font 👤 Gender Inclusive Emoji Proposal ❔ Child Emoji ❔ Adult Emoji ❔ Older Person Emoji ❔ Merperson Emoji 👨‍🎤 Emoji Wrap #4 with Google Design Team ↔️ How ZWJ "zwidge" Sequences Work


👉 Paul Hunt on Twitter @pauldhun...



episode 4: 4: But Some People Hated The Blob

Live from Emojicon in San Fransisco: Emoji professions, why hats on emoji are hard, mixed feelings about blobs, and decisions about emoji realism. With Jeremy Burge and special guests Rachel Been, Agustin Fonts and Mark Davis from Google.

🗣 Emojicon 👩‍💻 Google Emoji Professions 📝 Original Emoji Professions Proposal 4️⃣ Final Profession List / Emoji 4.0 👨‍🎤 Rockstar / Singer Emoji 🚴‍♀️ Woman Biking Emoji 💂‍♀️ Female Guard Emoji 🤷 Shrug Emoji 🤠 Face With Cowboy Hat Emoji 👽 Aliens on An...



episode 3: 3: How Would I Draw a Gun?

Messenger and Twemoji, iOS 10 designs, more on the pistol emoji, and a look at iOS 10 stickers. With Jeremy Burge and special guest Gedeon Maheux: co-founder of The Iconfactory.

🎨 Messenger Emoji Launch 💬 Messenger Emoji List 🐦 Twemoji List 📲 iOS 10 Emojis 🔫 Pistol / Gun Emoji 🍕 Cabel Sasser points out shadow on pizza emoji 👩‍🏫 Emoji Professions in Twemoji 2.2 👽 Google's Alien Emoji Set in 2013 🔫 Emoji One Pistol 🎌 Emojipedia Sticker Packs ⚙ Liberian County Flag Discussion on Hello I...



episode 2: 2: The Military is an Activity

The pre-iOS 10 episode. Two Owens, Samsung emoji weirdness, iMessage stickers, no love for Apple Watch emoji, iOS 10 redesign, Jumbomoji and Apple’s emoji press release. With Jeremy Burge and special guest Owen Williams: host of Charged podcast.

🇬🇧 Welsh Flag Emoji Proposal 🐉 Welsh Williams 🇳🇿 Kiwi Williams 🏳 New Subregion Flags 📲 Samsung Skin Tone Update 🍪 Cookie Emoji 🎌 Crossed Flags Emoji 🔞 No One Under Eighteen Symbol on Samsung Galaxy S5 🎨 iOS 10 New Emoji Designs ⌚️ Apple Watch...



episode 1: 1: Men With Bunny Ears

Which country wanted two camel emojis, who proposed the middle finger emoji, emoji consistency, and if we’re getting female emojis, what happened to gender-neutrality? With Jeremy Burge and special guest Mark Davis: co-founder and president of Unicode.

📲 Symbian Emoji Proposal 📄 2007 Emoji Proposal 🐫 Bactrian Camel Emoji 🐪 Dromedary Camel Emoji 🖕 Middle Finger Emoji 🔣 Adopt A Character , (Oxford) Comma Adoption 🇪🇬 Egyptian Hieroglyphs Research 📺 Le Grand Journal (french TV show) 🔫 Ap...



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