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???? The world's number one emoji podcast. News and commentary on emojis, stickers, and all things mobile. Hosted by Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge, with special guests.




      episode 12: 12: Let's make every man cry ????‍♂️ with Jennifer Daniel from Google

      ???? Turtles that don't look like old men, a sweaty heart ???? emoji, Santa's orange hat ???? and making men cry ???? are discussed with the person in charge of Android's emoji designs: Jennifer Daniel.



      episode 11: 11: We’ll see what Tony Hawk thinks ???? with Bryan Haggerty

      Twemoji is now all over your ???? Android phone, and Twitter Design Lead Bryan Haggerty talks Twemoji Easter Eggs, why the new shoe is red, and (scoop! ???? ) ✨ when the new emojis are coming to Twitter.


       2018-06-01  38m

      episode 10: 10: Emoji in the Dictionary with Jane Solomon

      ???? Dictionary.com has added emojis to its collection of words. So is Jane Solomon, a lexicographer at Dictionary.com, my new nemesis? We'll see as I speak to her about ???? and more.


       2018-03-29  44m

       2018-02-01  34m

      episode 8: 8: A Smiling Frowning Poop Emoji Storm

      💖 It's new emoji week for iOS users! Plus why isn't Slack updating their emojis, and what exactly did Google CEO Sundar Pichai think would happen when he made a little joke about a burger.


       2017-11-03  43m

      episode 7: 7: It's An...imoji world and we're just living in it

      🚰 Animoji leaked before the Apple Event, do emoji bots speed anything up, and some breaking news about Messenger emojis. With special guest Christina Warren.


       2017-10-02  50m

      episode 6: 6: Are You Getting Eclipsed?

      🤗 We're back! World Emoji Day antics, Android Oreo, and what's up with Samsung? With Jeremy Burge and special guest Florence Ion.


       2017-08-31  37m

      episode 5: 5: Emoji Dictator of the World

      Custom emoji fonts, :hedgehog:, Clippy, the difference between gender neutral and gender inclusive, and what is a merperson? With Jeremy Burge and special guest Paul Hunt, a font designer from Adobe.


       2016-12-12  35m

      episode 4: 4: But Some People Hated The Blob

      Live from Emojicon: Emoji professions, why hats on emoji are hard, mixed feelings about blobs, and decisions about emoji realism. With Jeremy Burge and special guests Rachel Been, Agustin Fonts and Mark Davis from Google.


       2016-11-17  23m

      episode 3: 3: How Would I Draw a Gun?

      Messenger and Twemoji, iOS 10 designs, more on the pistol emoji, and a look at iOS 10 stickers. With Jeremy Burge and special guest Gedeon Maheux: co-founder of The Iconfactory.


       2016-09-27  25m